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[Pascal Error] E2223 $DENYPACKAGEUNIT 'UniGUIVars' cannot be put into a package


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Hi There,


I made a project using UniGui based on frames.


I have only one Form, that is my main form, where I create my frames.


All my frames are inherited from one base frame.


Now I want to create packages to keep this frames, so I can update the packages and it be loaded dinamically by the main program.


The problem is that I got stuck on this DENYPACKAGEUNIT 


The answer above is not completelly clear to me, I have no idea what is a Free Form on UniGui.


Anyways, I need it to be a TFrame, and preferably an inherited frame. There is also a need to add a TDataModule.


can I have any direction on this?


Thank YOU!

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I am trying to understand what is happening. 


I have made a minimal package, I have found the FreeForm, never saw it before.


THen I have created a Free Form, changed to Frame and it compiled and generated the package fine.


I have just placed a UniDBGuid and compiled fine also.


So, it seems the problem is the classes that I am using and that I want to convert to this new model.


My project is pretty complex, and I have to tell  you that UniGui is fantastic. I am doing pretty complex software with it. And it is stable.


Now I want to use my main code and menu system as a kind of platform where I can install frames.


However I have no Idea which units is allowed to that. Right now based on this post is says that UniGuiVars should not be added.



Looking further on my code I see that the DataModule was created with the following code:

  UniGUIVars, uniGUIMainModule, MainModule;

function DMMainG: TDMMainG;
  Result := TDMMainG(UniMainModule.GetModuleInstance(TDMMainG));

Since it register the DataModule on the Initialization part.


I wonder if I could remove this dependancy? Since it is a regular Delphi TDataModule, what is the problem creating it directly? 


Each time a frame is created it asks for the DMMainG, to get the DataModule to work.


Right now I have DBISAM components on it and few others that are  not UniGUI related.


So, reviewing what I said, I am trying to convert the current project, based on UniGUI to a package based, on a way that I can intall and load dynamically the packages. 


Seems that TFrame is not a problem, created the Form Free Way. Not Sure if I can use datamodules with no need of the code above. (RegisterModuleClass is defined on UniGuiVars)


I can load dynamicall the BPL and then using my functions register each class imported from the package. Because in this moment I will be in a context that UniGuiVars are allowed.


What you can tell me of all that?


Thank you

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I have found one obscure and almost forgotten unit that was including the MainForm, where uniGuiVars is declared.


I have corrected that, removing the reference to the Main Form and I could generate a package with the Frame, DataModule, etc incluiding the inheritance.


I will be moving now to dynamically open it and load the frames.


However I have removed the TDMMainG(UniMainModule.GetModuleInstance(TDMMainG))


To create the datamodule I am going to test creating it directly. However I believe that the above code is related to get an instance. But is it getting always the same instance of the object? or is it created a new one? What is the problem of calling TDMMainG.Create directly?



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