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  1. Unigui Version Professional The radiobutton by defaul has a black font But I am working with black background for TUnimLabel I could change using beforeinit I dont know how to do the same for TUnimRadio Thank you!
  2. How can I change the Font color? Changing the beforeinit event is not working. Thank you
  3. so you are telling me that Unigui does not use Delphi´s WebBroker that has the limitation of 30 or so connection?
  4. I am looking for more of a technical information.... This table can be seen as just commercial info.....
  5. Hi there, There are some partners asking me about the ability of UNIGUI with multiple simultaneous connections. One is saying that Delphi is based in the classes web.webreq and it cannot support more than 30 or so simultaneous connections in ISAPI, if you use it as WebBroker. So, what is the real capabilities of Unigui, can it handle a thousand connections simultaneously ? (consider a perferct hardware for this). Or somehow the request as serialized to be treated on Delphi side and sent back to outside? thank you Eduardo
  6. Farshad, Just a little comment, not sure you remember our talk about interface, but this Ext JS 5 is exactly what I am looking for. It is the "web flat style" implemented in the correct manner. I certainly know you are busy, but I would recommend to put some priority on release this version of Ext JS, at least in a compatibility mode, where we could take the visual advancement benefit at least. I can tell you that this will be a major marketing step for you (and for me as a developer). Thanks Eduardo
  7. eelias

    Image in DBGrid

    Hi Zilav Thanks for the info, Is there an example of this? Eduardo
  8. eelias

    Image in DBGrid

    I would like to have a grid more like the TListView of Firemonkey. Looking on some Ext-JS examples I found this: On the first collumn there is a Image and 3 lines of text. I don´t use editing on the grid like this, just for showing data. How can I do that? Thanks
  9. You are correct in your assessment. My question is because I am in development. I have no software in use outside my own computer. I am aware of sencha license and I will comply with that. I used wrong the word "free", I am sorry I am a very small software company, and I have many big customers already with the eyes on the product that i am about to deliver. I just need to reach the delivery date and I am now totally backed by your beta program. Because this beta program it turned to make a reality the software that I am developing. I expect to buy a license in less than 60 days.... that is for sure, but I am little concerned with the current 0.96 license date... that is it...
  10. Hi Farshad, I see you are being very reasonable in your process of migrating the developers from beta to commercial. Many thanks for your position. You said this is all based on the 0.97. What about the current 0.96 ? I see you bumped for a month the expiration, can you keep the 0.96 as the last free beta version? That would make reasonable also, since the next Delphi version is planned for after September (XE7) and you will end the beta cycle in sync with the Delphi versions. What you think?
  11. Since I stated using UniGUI I have made my own set of components inheriting from the UniGUi Ones. However today I tried to use my version of TUniEdit and at runtime it gives me "Cannot assign nil to a font." Like what was said in this post. However, I am not using ANY vcl component, just a wapper around it. I am not even changing any properties etc. I have all the other components working like this, based on a wrapper, why is this different?
  12. John "Which brings me to ask if anyone is interested in doing some piece work with uniGUI, since I am so busy. I have some small easy projects that I would like to get done but just don't have the time." I am looking for this kind of thing.... do you mind in contact me and tell me what you have to offer? eelias @ ig.com.br I have already good experience on complex uniGUI sites. Thank you !
  13. [Delphi XE6 Update 2 UniGui 0.96] I am using TUniScrollBox to insert a frame as its parent. I set TFrame.Aling to alClient. My frames sometimes are larger than the window. I want that only the horizontal scroll bar shows up when needed. Right now both bars are showing up. It seems there is an alignment error on vertical, since the scrollbar is showing up always with a minimal offset (seems that it is the height of the scrollbar itself that is not being considered on the alClient calculation and then it shows up) I see there is a something like that http://docs-devel.sencha.com/extjs/4.2.1/#!/api/Ext.panel.Table-cfg-scroll However I don't know how to set my ScrollBox based on the ExtJS documentation for this case. This was not happening on the previous version 0.95 on the very same frame case. Now the scrollbars are showing up. I wonder if someone could give me a hand and tell me how to disable the VERSTICAL bar only. Thanks Eduardo
  14. It is everything in the first post.... Thank you for help..
  15. Nope, I have already added the uniGUIRegClasses before. And the problem persists. Is there anything else needed on the ServerModule unit?
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