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  1. Unigui Version Professional The radiobutton by defaul has a black font But I am working with black background for TUnimLabel I could change using beforeinit I dont know how to do the same for TUnimRadio Thank you!
  2. How can I change the Font color? Changing the beforeinit event is not working. Thank you
  3. so you are telling me that Unigui does not use Delphi´s WebBroker that has the limitation of 30 or so connection?
  4. I am looking for more of a technical information.... This table can be seen as just commercial info.....
  5. Hi there, There are some partners asking me about the ability of UNIGUI with multiple simultaneous connections. One is saying that Delphi is based in the classes web.webreq and it cannot support more than 30 or so simultaneous connections in ISAPI, if you use it as WebBroker. So, what is the real capabilities of Unigui, can it handle a thousand connections simultaneously ? (consider a perferct hardware for this). Or somehow the request as serialized to be treated on Delphi side and sent back to outside? thank you Eduardo
  6. Farshad, Just a little comment, not sure you remember our talk about interface, but this Ext JS 5 is exactly what I am looking for. It is the "web flat style" implemented in the correct manner. I certainly know you are busy, but I would recommend to put some priority on release this version of Ext JS, at least in a compatibility mode, where we could take the visual advancement benefit at least. I can tell you that this will be a major marketing step for you (and for me as a developer). Thanks Eduardo
  7. eelias

    Image in DBGrid

    Hi Zilav Thanks for the info, Is there an example of this? Eduardo
  8. eelias

    Image in DBGrid

    I would like to have a grid more like the TListView of Firemonkey. Looking on some Ext-JS examples I found this: On the first collumn there is a Image and 3 lines of text. I don´t use editing on the grid like this, just for showing data. How can I do that? Thanks
  9. You are correct in your assessment. My question is because I am in development. I have no software in use outside my own computer. I am aware of sencha license and I will comply with that. I used wrong the word "free", I am sorry I am a very small software company, and I have many big customers already with the eyes on the product that i am about to deliver. I just need to reach the delivery date and I am now totally backed by your beta program. Because this beta program it turned to make a reality the software that I am developing. I expect to buy a license in less than 60 days.... that is for sure, but I am little concerned with the current 0.96 license date... that is it...
  10. Hi Farshad, I see you are being very reasonable in your process of migrating the developers from beta to commercial. Many thanks for your position. You said this is all based on the 0.97. What about the current 0.96 ? I see you bumped for a month the expiration, can you keep the 0.96 as the last free beta version? That would make reasonable also, since the next Delphi version is planned for after September (XE7) and you will end the beta cycle in sync with the Delphi versions. What you think?
  11. Since I stated using UniGUI I have made my own set of components inheriting from the UniGUi Ones. However today I tried to use my version of TUniEdit and at runtime it gives me "Cannot assign nil to a font." Like what was said in this post. However, I am not using ANY vcl component, just a wapper around it. I am not even changing any properties etc. I have all the other components working like this, based on a wrapper, why is this different?
  12. John "Which brings me to ask if anyone is interested in doing some piece work with uniGUI, since I am so busy. I have some small easy projects that I would like to get done but just don't have the time." I am looking for this kind of thing.... do you mind in contact me and tell me what you have to offer? eelias @ ig.com.br I have already good experience on complex uniGUI sites. Thank you !
  13. [Delphi XE6 Update 2 UniGui 0.96] I am using TUniScrollBox to insert a frame as its parent. I set TFrame.Aling to alClient. My frames sometimes are larger than the window. I want that only the horizontal scroll bar shows up when needed. Right now both bars are showing up. It seems there is an alignment error on vertical, since the scrollbar is showing up always with a minimal offset (seems that it is the height of the scrollbar itself that is not being considered on the alClient calculation and then it shows up) I see there is a something like that http://docs-devel.sencha.com/extjs/4.2.1/#!/api/Ext.panel.Table-cfg-scroll However I don't know how to set my ScrollBox based on the ExtJS documentation for this case. This was not happening on the previous version 0.95 on the very same frame case. Now the scrollbars are showing up. I wonder if someone could give me a hand and tell me how to disable the VERSTICAL bar only. Thanks Eduardo
  14. It is everything in the first post.... Thank you for help..
  15. Nope, I have already added the uniGUIRegClasses before. And the problem persists. Is there anything else needed on the ServerModule unit?
  16. So there is no way to just copy the folder as it used to be? about the error when opening the Server Status is: EClassNotFoun Class TServerControlPanelForm not found.
  17. I was having a problem to deploy to a server and could handle to make it work However it is not clear to me. There is a uni- folder that I did not pay attention. I am migrating my project from the previous version. On the dev machine I have it working fine, and this folder exist only on the FMSoft folder in the way the setup installed. I have then installed the ext-js in the server using the setup and it created the same uni- on the FMSoft folder in my server But uniGUI did not regonized it. I had to rename it to UNI only My question is, why is it going to the FMSoft folder? I made a copy of the uni- to the current folder of the application, since this is they way I used to deploy (just copy the entire application folder) and it did not recognize. Even changing the name to UNI only. I prefer to have everything together in the same folder. What are the defaults expected by the new version? Also, my server status panel is not working, besides I have added the uniregclasses to the mainform. My current folder: My server properties: Thank you
  18. OK, emergency gone... The problem is that Parent of the TFrame where the TAction is inserted was not getting set and for some reason it made this situation. Now I am properly setting the Parent of the frame and the problem gone. Thank you
  19. I am right now in trouble with TAction, I am getting: EClassNotFound "class TAction not Found" I am using the last Unigui version with XE5 Update 2. What could be wrong?
  20. Farshad, do you have an estimate date for the 0.96 with mobile support? I am really interested on give a try on it for a beta project that I am participating. Eduardo
  21. Ola Eduardo Estou fazendo com o Delphi XE5 O desempenho é sofrivel. Tem que usar somente androids top. Somente Samsung e coisas do tipo e olha la. O exe eh gigantesco. Eu faco software para o android com b4a tambem e nem se compara. Porem para ter um multiplataforma usando o UniGUI para ter um fonte em comum nao tem outra alternativa. Entao nao é uma aplicacao daquelas do play nao, que todo mundo baixa so pra dar uma olhada Eh voltada para nicho de mercado especifico. Fora os bugs Toda semana perco 1 dia inteiro em cima de como contornar um problema no Delphi. Veja, ele esta uma ferramenta otima, mas eu diria que esta mais para um Beta do que outra coisa. Vai ficar otimo mas acho que pelo que estou vendo vai mais umas 3 versoes de Delphi para ele ficar viavel, pra ficar do tipo vou fazer e fica pronto. DIgo isto porque o B4A é assim, vc tem uma ideia usa ele e implementa e pronto. Nao tem que lutar com coisas que nao funciona, ou com falta de documentacao. Passei 3 dias tentando fazer um dialogo usando TPopup, e ele abre mas vc nao consegue editar nada nos campos dentro dele. Ai vai procurar ate acha o que eh e saber como contornar. A solucao funciona pra windows mas no android da exception.... O ScrollBox eh cheio de problemas tenho 4 fontes do Firemonkey que ja foram modificados por mim com ideias que achei para contornar problemas e ainda assim tem umas coisas estranhas, tipo voce da um scroll no seu form e quando volta o Label que mostrava o texto na horizontal agora ta mostrando na vertical !!!! pode um coisa desta? Entao como eu realmente tenho um interesse to pagando um preco por isto, mas se aventurar com o Firemonkey para fazer qualquer coisa mais complexa no android tem que saver que vai ser 3 vezes mais tempo do que o esperado. Mas vou te dizer, se a Embarcadero nao tivesse ido para este lado iam morrer, conheco gente que ia desistir do Delphi por nao ter mais futuro, porem esta novas versoes animaram. Espero ter ajudado, Eduardo Elias
  22. Thanks in let us know.... I took a look and are similar. I am already fully connected to the Aurelius one. There are also the fact that Aurelius connect to RemoteDB and XData Server from TMS, and it aggregates a lot of other possibilities.
  23. Ola pessoal Gostaria de entrar na conversa. Tenho um sistema de ERP que esta em desenvolvimento. E interessa parcerias. Ja desenvolvi muitos sistemas ao longo de 25 anos. Desta vez estou fazendo algo diferente. Este sistema roda nas seguintes plataformas: Web com UNIGUI Windows 32 e 64 Android Ios MacOS Em todas esta plataformas com Delphi, funciona o mesmo sistema, com possibilidade de desenhar telas para o ambiente exclusivo. Funcionalidades: Qualquer banco de dados, porem ElevateDB e o meu favorito ECF SPED Fiscal e Contribuicoes Estoque Financeiro CRM Permite Ownership de registros: Voce cadastra os items na matriz e as filiais usam o mesmo cadastro. Multi Tenancy: Permite arvore organizacional de empresa, compartilhar dados etc. Sistema extremamente expandivel. Visto que o banco de dados e criado de forma OOP (nao extamente, mas é orientado a objetos) Novas funcionalidades sao adicionadas para ramos diferentes e o banco se adapta sem interferir com o resto do sistema usando ORM Padroes de desenvolvimento: Baseado em MVP: Modelo-View-Presenter. Atualmente com 6 camadas para distinguir claramente o papel de cada camada Baseado principalemente em LiveBindings, porem funciona com controles DB-aware (no caso do Unigui uso os dois) Permite DUnitX para teste de cada camada e cada funcionalidade. Usando Dependency Injection Programado contra Interfaces para reduzir interdependencia de classes e camadas Qual minha ideia: Sistema ERP principalmente rodando em WEB. (mais facil de liberar novas versoes) Sistema tambem em Windows e MacOS acessando remotamente os mesmos dados, pois tem casos que faz muito sentido isto (nem todos gostam de web) Frente de Loja toda em Android, sim adeus PC adeus suporte dificil. Porem suporta windows tambem Frente de loja com banco de dados local e ou remoto. Quando local permite sincronizar com a base principal. Qual minha ideia de parceria: Fonte é o nosso grande patrimonio neste ramos, e voces sabem bem. Porem empresa pequena nao chega em nenhum lugar sozinha! Tenho interesse em criar parcerias com fonte compartilhado onde se possa expandir o sistema. Este sistema podera ser comercializado com nomes diferente e caras diferentes, porem é o mesmo. Ganho compartilhado, que precisa ser definido a fatia de cada. Obviamente quem fica com a implantacao tem os maiores custos (suporte ao cliente é oneroso) Qual a posicao do desenvolvimento hoje: Este sistema ja tem dezenas de milhares de linhas de codigo so do framework Basico do estoque rodando (Estoque eh baseado em documentos, muito diferente da maioria dos estoques que geram infinitas tabelas desnecessariamente) Financeiro sendo implementado. CRM sendo implementado, nao existe cadastro de funcionario, cliente, fornecedor, etc, é tudo Contato mas atraves de heranca se tornam em cada uma destas entidades Frente de loja tenho pedido em tablet e parte do caixa em tablet feito, porem tenho um outro sistema de frente de loja que tem tudo conectado nele. Eu vou desenvolvimento de acordo com a necessidade. Coloco-me a disposicao de todos interessados em conversar. Meu skype: eelias Eduardo Elias
  24. Bresler, so it worked? That is good... Did you test in other components or just with TUniEdit?
  25. Hi Bresler, Sorry, I am very busy here, I am writing my project based on Firemonkey and next week I will be going to UniGUI with it.... then I will see all the sort of structural problems with my code and issues to adapt. I am doing everything based on live bingind and hope that will work on uniGUI, Anyways I can mix DataSource based on UniGUI if needed. I let you know the result of that. Right now I cant!!!
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