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Twebbrowser HTML tag to UniHTMLFrame1


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I have old project . Used Twebbrowser show web mode on win32 application.

I want Transfer HTML from Twebbrowser to UniHTMLFrame ..


I strongly recommended you to use TUniURLFrame instead of TUniHTMLFrame.

You've just only set its URL property to the link you've passed for "Navigate" method of TWebBrowser.



WebBrowser1.Navigate('http://xxx'); --> UniURLFrame.URL := 'http://xxx';


By the way, Patmap's UniGoogleMap component is better way for refactor your app. :)

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Hi all

more infomation.

I developed my programs in GoogleMap API V3, funtion

Distance Matrix,Directions Waypoints Ref --->

http://www.delphipraxis.net/157004-google-maps-ueber-com-component-object-model.html is good project for delphi&google API


Result Output on Twebbrowser for win32 application .

I want Transfer Result form Twebbrowser to UniHTMLFrame component result all funtion on webmode

PatMan's UniGoogleMap is goodjob I used in my project but not support all funtion Google API .




Thank U

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How to obtain the html code of a page open in UniURLFrame1.URL.

// Loading the site

// Getting html code site after being loaded
UniMemo1.text: = UniURLFrame1.html.text;

My problem is getting the code, someone can help me with this?

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