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Apache OS advice needed


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What windows flavor (version) should Apache be installed on in a production environment? Would Windows 7 be enough or some Windows Server be preferred. This will only be a web server with no database on it. Data will be on another server. Traffic will be at max 50 users at a time. Those experienced with Apache please share your thoughts.


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We use Xampp on windows XP and Windows 2008 with over 50 users with no problem. Win7 should be fine.

In httpd.conf I reduced the default ThreadsPerChild 250 to ThreadsPerChild 50 to reduce memory.

I notice before service packs are installed the system gets sluggish.

a.) You can avoid installing service packs - may not be recommended in your environment

b.) Reboot your system once a month after "patch tuesday" after installing service packs

c.) Use a RAM fragmentation utility (have not tried)


Since your using Win7 I am assuming you have a strong CPU and lots of RAM which are more important than the OS.

If your not using odbc32 with PHP., ReactOS has worked fast and reliably for me with Xampp on another low CPU powered system used in production.

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