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Hi there...

I know the difference between stateful and stateless and uniGUI works in stateful mode (hence sessions, etc),and is the core to it's technology. As Android dominates mobile apps and Apple declines  in importance, the app stores fees and prices seems to be more and more unreal.

And recently I read a post from neo4a about it and really worked in a webpage. See reference here  and here.

There are websites services dedicated to convert you webpage to a "PWA-ish".

I think its almost impossible, hope I'm wrong but would it be possible to create a more modest uniGUI app stateless in the future ? Or just a new encapsulated project model in Expert  Project Design in IDE as PWA (manifest, resources etc) ?

Since recent Safari versions an IOs are "supporting" PWA there is a good opportunity for another uniGUI format in the near future. Don't you think ?


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