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  1. Thank you so much for your tips. I would like to keep control over the modal window when the screen size changes (e.g. when changing the orientation or split view). At the moment I'm already failing to readjust the modal window (top, left...) if it's already displayed. Can you please give me a hint (I'll probably have to resort to a Javascript call again). TIA.
  2. Trying to build a "generic" modal form to substitute TUnimSelect. These are my problems to solve Adjusting form size and position after screen size changed (see my open topic here) Closing form by clicking in masked area (see my open ticket here) Need some tips for a perfect responsive layout (floating TUnimContainerPanel) for targeting several device types. Attached is a modified touch demo project to get the impression. TIA. demoModalForm.zip
  3. Sorry, again. Your code is working. My fault was using a TUnimContainerPanel in mobile version.
  4. neo4a

    Closing modal Form

    Sorry for not mentioned that I'm trying to achieve that behavier with mobile version.
  5. It' not working in mobile version. Sorry for not mentioned it earlier.
  6. yes. And ShowAnimation, too. ShowAnimation was working.
  7. Really?! For such a simple thing?! So take you "all feature touch demo" ModalUnit.dfm and assign Hidung animation and look what's happen...or not.
  8. neo4a

    Closing modal Form

    clicking outside of area (masked or shadowed form behind) of a modal form should close this modal form.
  9. in other words: How to combine form's hiding animation and closing form by result:=mrOK?
  10. ScreenSize() event never called in a modal form e.g. if screen orientation changed. I can resolve this issue by notification through underlying/calling form, but this a ugly hack if this behavior is only a bug, isn't it? And btw, if "calling form" is a frame screensize() event doesn't exist...
  11. neo4a

    Closing modal Form

    Sorry, doesn't work. Extended the Screensize demo with a button calling a separate, empty form.
  12. Is it possible to close a modal form just by clicking in masked area? Thanks.
  13. TUnimForm.ScreenResize() works as expected when used in Mainm.pas (ScreenSize demo) ScreenSize() event never called in a modal form e.g. if screen orientation changed. Bug or feature?
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