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  1. neo4a

    Unable to clear TUnimNestedList Items

    Got a working solution there.
  2. neo4a

    TUnimNestedList.items.clear not working

    Thank you. This is working now.
  3. neo4a

    TUnimNestedList.items.clear not working

    Sorry, posted this bug already here some months ago ... but would like to see a solution right now.
  4. I'm sorry, but this question was rhetorical and aimed at a dialogue/thread I had with the moderator yesterday.
  5. (Maybe it is related to a bug reported here.) However, if you try to clear a TUnimNestedList bei calling (myList as TUnimNestedList).items.clear There is one orphaned visual entry left at least. Clicking on this entry will lead to an error ("node not exists"); Which js-call will also empty TUnimNestedList visually? Thanks. Edit: And before asking for a sample project to reproduce this behavior, please try to modify "touch - AllFeatures" demo project in procedure ConstructNavigator...
  6. It seemed that this problem still exists in 1.9x. Should I open a bug ticket or is it allready set in focus? [sic!]
  7. Yes, I can. And here are one of my wishes, because of intransparent ticket system in form of a customer oriented wiki: select bug, feature, solution from unigui where doc = false ordered by classname, date
  8. FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_Professional_1.90.0.1505 There are 4 bug tickets of me right now.
  9. My ticket status is unchanged (seen, in progress, solved). And my last test with rel 1.7xx or so failed. So what to respond? And to complete this off topic discussion: If a forum moderator see that a forum thread is rising a bug in your product why it's up to the customer to open a ticket? Are the moderators unable to do this?
  10. REMINDER. And no, there was no re-/action at all.
  11. Done. Does that get the same attention as the other bug reports that have been unanswered there for months? SCNR.
  12. Perfect. Perfect. It is working now. Thanks. But from a point of view of a delphi developer it should be done with UnimNestedList1.Items[3].Selected := True; without any additional js-call, isn't it?!
  13. If you set an item in code as selected there is no visual feedback/highlight. Looks like same problem like here
  14. No problem to set an item of TUnimNestedList as: aItem.selected := true; But which js-call I have to use to visual show this item as selected because uniGUI wont't handle that? (BTW, no problem if I click on this item but I want to do that by code.) Thank you.