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Update layout at runtime?


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How do I make runtime changes to the LayoutAttrib.pack and LayoutAttrib.align take effect?  I have Delphi code to change them but it doesn't do anything.


I read the above link but I have no idea of what to write to change the pack and align properties.  Is there some documentation about how JSAssign / JSCall work and what properties they take, even if it's a reference to Sencha, that might help.

Based on the above I tried:

  UniPanel8.LayoutAttribs.Pack := cbPack.Text;
  UniPanel8.LayoutAttribs.Align := cbAlign.Text;
  UniPanel8.JSInterface.JSCall('doLayout', []);

Doing the above gives error

O4B.doLayout is not a function


I'm currently on and ExtJS set to 6.7.0

Can someone point me in the right direction please?


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If anyone could point me in the right direction I'd love to create a sample app and contribute it back.  I think it could be useful to make an app that could show changes dynamically and see them straight away instead of the change, compile, run cycle.

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