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  1. That seems to have worked, thanks!
  2. I've created a stand alone exe and it runs on my development machine. However, when I copy it to a Windows Server 2019 machine and open it on the local browser, it simply shows a white screen with Loading... at the top left corner. If I use the Chrome Browser inspector, it has a <noscript>This web application requires JavaScript enabled<noscript> in it. Seems to do the same on Firefox too. If I browse from my dev machine to the app on the 2019 server machine, it has the same problem. Any ideas on what the problem might be? (Using FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete
  3. Thanks everyone! I'll have to try the one that kkelchev referenced. In the meantime I had a workaround where I used the before login event and instead of creating and showing a different form, I used the main form and modified it to show only one tab with specific data, instead of the normal tabs it would normally show. Not ideal but it worked.
  4. Normally Delphi Actions would dynamically change the visual things that link to them. Are there any plans to make that the case for the actions that are linked to buttons in a dbgrid action column? ie. Delphi developers that don't know how to use the client events won't need to know if the above is in place (much like a lot of what uniGui already does)
  5. Is it possible to have a login form but also have anonymous access to some forms? ie. Based on a URL parameter, I'd like to avoid showing the login and mainform and show a different form that doesn't require a login. I tried calling ShowModal() from the OnBeforeLogin event to show an 'anonymous' form if I get a particular parameter in the URL but it says Blocking method ShowModal() cannot be called here. I also want to avoid access to the main form. If the special param is not found, normal login and main form access would apply. Is there a way to do this in a single app?
  6. Could you add a data aware spin edit control please?
  7. In my version ( the TUniDbNumberEdit doesn't have a LayoutConfig property. Could you add it please?
  8. If anyone could point me in the right direction I'd love to create a sample app and contribute it back. I think it could be useful to make an app that could show changes dynamically and see them straight away instead of the change, compile, run cycle.
  9. updateLayout doesn't give errors but it also doesn't change the layout.
  10. How do I make runtime changes to the LayoutAttrib.pack and LayoutAttrib.align take effect? I have Delphi code to change them but it doesn't do anything. I read the above link but I have no idea of what to write to change the pack and align properties. Is there some documentation about how JSAssign / JSCall work and what properties they take, even if it's a reference to Sencha, that might help. Based on the above I tried: UniPanel8.LayoutAttribs.Pack := cbPack.Text; UniPanel8.LayoutAttribs.Align := cbAlign.Text; UniPanel8.JSInterface.JSCall('doLayout', []);
  11. I'm on, complete edition.
  12. I have tried changing the create order and also the tab order but it doesn't seem to have an affect.
  13. What determine the order that components are rendered? I'm new to the client layout and am using the vbox layout for a form. I can't figure out what changes the order that components are displayed. At design time I have this: At runtime I get the below where the login and bottom section appear at the top instead of their original position. What property do I need to change to make sure I get the right order?
  14. So if I try to cater for triton.modified first and then allow fallback to classic... is there a good way to get rid of the white space? See comparison: Triton.modified: Classic with extra white space:
  15. Hi All, I'm quite new to uniGui in general, so perhaps this is a rookie question. I started out with the default classic theme and thought it would be easy to switch to a different theme without making any form design changes. However, when I switch to triton.modified, this happens in my field set container. Does anyone have any advice on how to cater for theme switches better?
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