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questions about calendarpanel


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Hi, I've some things about calendarpanel that I don't know how to do them.

I need some help.

1. How can I give a customized tooltip for one event?. Now, as I can see, the tooltip is the title, but I need to show more info.

2. I have day, week, and month view, and when I show the form that contains the calendarpanel, allway show  month view by default. Can I show week view by default?

3. In week view and day view, in the info shown in the events, only title is shown. I need to see event notes too.

4. dayclick event only works in month view. Is possible that it work in week and day view?

5. is possible to color one day, in month view, when some event is in that day?

6. can I access viewstart and viewend dates?

7. How to change month and days titles? This is needed for unicalendar too.


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4 hours ago, Sherzod said:


I have events stored in database.

I need to check when date in calendarpanel changes, to load data from database, and could be optimal to load only data between start and end dates, and need to check when that interval of dates changes, to load data or not when it's needed.

Are viewstart and viewend dates accesibles? Are they properties of calendarpanel?


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