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Only IE can not access my web application


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I had created the web application (ISAPI mode) and deploy it on Apache Web server. At client side, I use Firefox, google Chrome to access the application without problem except IE it can not access. I think it should not the problem on my web application but configuring on IE may cause the problem. Any idea about this situation.

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WebServer - Win7 x86 + Apache 2.2

Developing PC - Win7 x64 + Delphi XE + uniGUI

Client PC - WinXP + IE8 or Win7 x64 + IE8


Please specify OS, IE version, Delphi Version, URL you try to access

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I have no URL. I test it on my PC with VMWare. Now I found the problem. On the MainForm I have uniHTMLFrame. Oncreate Form event I put this code




if I remove this code, IE can display the page. 2.htm file was created from MSWord 2010 (45 pages) and save it as htm. I don't understand why Firefox, Chrome can display the webpage but not IE.

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