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PageControl + TabSheets


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This is one of my other questions:


I use to make simple applications using PageControl instead of using multiple forms. So I put a PageControl aligned to alClient in the form, I create more than one page and in the design time the tabs of the pages are visible, but in the run time I hide they to user, then I manipulate visual interface throught ActivePage of PageControl object. For example:


procedure TMainForm.HideTabs;


Index: Integer;

Last: Integer;



Last := pctrlMain.PageCount - 1;


for Index := 0 to Last do

pctrlMain.Pages[index].TabVisible := False;


pctrlMain.ActivePage := tshtLoginPage;



The last code line activate the Page I want to show to user first time. It works in the windows interface, but it does not work for web interface. Later, when I call this from button event it works well. It seems that the last page remains active despite the last line of code.

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The log changes dynamically. The only way is to create a public gateway for it. It is Mantis Issue Tracker. I can open Mantis for public view but I don't prefer it. I will create the gateway using uniGUI.


Ok, just a web page to see what in the log is to avoid report about a problem that is reported.


# | Issue | Short Description | Status


1 | Bitmap transparency | There is a problem with the | Reported

| | transparency in bitmap on the web |

| | with TUniBitButton |






No more than...


Thank you for your time.

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