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Found 10 results

  1. MarceloCarvalhoBSB

    UniCalendarPanel Avoid UniCalendarEvent Changes

    Dear Mrs. I was trying to use TUnicalendarPanel in a project and found the following difficulties: 1) There is no property of type "READONLY" in TUniCalendarEvent that prevents event modifications such as event handling or change of start and end date. 2) You cannot use the TUnicalendarPanel OneventMove event to abort the movement of an event. 3) How to adjust the duration of event "EventResize" with mouse in UniCalendarPanel? 4) How to use the "OnEventResize" event to cancel a resize event? Thank you if you can submit an example addressing these issues. Marcelo Carvalho
  2. A.Soltani

    UniCalendarPanel For Jalali Calendar

    Hi How to I can set UniCalendarPanel For showing Jalali Calendar? I Set uniServerModule.ExtLocale := 'fa' But don't change it. And I set another setting that I set for Show Jalali in UniDateTimePicker,But don't change it Best Regards.
  3. GRFS2000

    UniCalendarPanel, change settings

    In searching the forum I found neither on the internet nor how to change the UniCalendarPanel: 1. Start viewing by day and not by month 2. Being by day, show only the hours I want, example, from 8am until 6pm 3. disable a certain time zone, type 11am not possible to choose 3. Change the time division, this every 30 minutes, put 15 minutes

    UniCalendarPanel change time limit

    Hello I wonder if there is any time in UniCalendarPanel. When opening a day flap, it does from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, how do I change the beginning and end of the day with other times? type: beginning 06:00 AM and ending at 10:00 PM Translation: Google translator

    UniCalendarPanel - Alterar o período de horas

    Olá, Gostaria de saber como alterar o período de horas no UniCalendarPanel. Ao abrir a aba dia, ele apresenta das 08:00 as 19:00, como alterar para iniciar e terminar o dia com outros horários? tipo: início 06:00 e termino as 22:00 Grato.
  6. pro_imaj

    UniCalendarPanel am-pm sorunu

    Merhaba; Ekteki dosyadaki gibi UniCalendarPanel ile Gün yada hafta sekmesine geldiğimde saatleri am/pm şeklinde gösteriyor oysa ben 10:00 ve 22:00 gibi göstermesini istiyorum bununla birlikte resimdeki Today yazısını da Türkçeleştiremedim bunların yolu var mıdır böyle mi kullanmalıyım. Teşekkürler.
  7. A.Soltani

    UniCalendarPanel For Jalali Calendar

    Hi How to I can set UniCalendarPanel For showing Jalali Calendar? I Set uniServerModule.ExtLocale := 'fa' But don't change it. Best Regards.
  8. Hello, could you explain how to add at runtime new calendar in calendar list. I try the .add function and . Create function without success. additional question : is it possible to manage the calaendars listed (hide, color, ...) Regards
  9. Hello everyone, i'm in trouble with personalization of client graphic issue of uniCalendarPanel. After some studing of js, extj and js-client-event, i have reached the goal of assign some new class to day cell of the calendar on the event datachange of the calendarpanel object. So i can change month in monthview and the event DateChange make the right work. My problem occur after login and after coming back to the calendar pannel after validation of an other form. In these two cases i need to fireup the event manually. I can't figure how to implement this beaviour. I think the correct js code is <my unicalendarpanel object identifyer>.fireEvent('DateChange', myStartDate, myStartWiewDate, myEndWiewDate); i can use it in a UniSession.addJS or in client-event to run the command, but can't find the correct moment to do that. During the login the mainform of the app is just redered and the code in DateChange event is just runned. After login when the mainform and unicalendarpanel object are shown at the client screen, the graphic is re-redered, but no event is fired (at list i beleave that or can't find that). thanks a lot, and sorry for my bad english. Davide
  10. Peter Gregory


    Hi, The UniCalendarPanel has some real potential 1. It would be extremely useful to be able to specify a start/end time range rather than showing from midnight... 2. It would also be useful to be able to set the colour for each appointment 3. It would be useful to be able to set the Interval for the panel - ie set each line to being 10mins / 15mins / 30mins etc 4. It would be useful to have a ReadOnly property to prevent user from dragging appointments to move / extend them 5. I can set Notes & Location properties for each event, but they are not displayed... is this intentional, or am I doing something wrong? thanks Peter