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  1. sorry, nubie question
  2. benoitclaeys

    How to view or make dbgrid filters invisible in real time?

    I add this information : if I create columns and filter fields before showing the form (instead of pushing a button to create them), I do not see the filter fields.
  3. Hello, Want to allow edition of somes rows in a uniDBGrid, other ones must stay in read only. (for a Column, it' easy) The Read only condition on a row must be driven by one column value of the row. it's certainly done be aborting edition mode in a ExtJS event with a test on a value in a column... but I do not see how... Regards
  4. benoitclaeys

    UniCalendarPanel, create calendar in calendar list

    I reply : just Calendards.Add ; Working perfectly
  5. benoitclaeys

    UniSplitter On tablet no move not available

    ok thanks
  6. Hello, I work a lot with splitter. but on a tablet I can't move the splitter how can I do that ? Regards Benoit
  7. Hello, could you explain how to add at runtime new calendar in calendar list. I try the .add function and . Create function without success. additional question : is it possible to manage the calaendars listed (hide, color, ...) Regards
  8. benoitclaeys

    UniDBGrid Grouping defined at runtime

    Hello, I try to set the grouping parameters at runtime the UniDBGrid never change to grouping mode (the sort is updated, but the grouping field/display is not visible) if parameters are defined at design time > it run perfectly (but for only one grouping Field) may be I need to call a function to wakeup the grouping I try - to call UniDBGrid.Invalidate, > nothing. - to place setup Before/after open query > nothing Regards Benoit
  9. benoitclaeys

    TUniImage : Unknown picture file extension (.nnn)

    Thanks for this answer. For new other projects I will follow your recommendation. if somebody can help me about TuniFrame with TUniImage with this message....
  10. benoitclaeys

    TUniImage : Unknown picture file extension (.nnn)

    Additional info : - frame is created dynamically - same error when I load the image in the properties of the component.
  11. Hello, I try to load an image And I get this message : ...TUniImage : Unknonw picture file extension (.nnn) On the server unit I define the DefaultImageformat = PNG this error occur here in my code : procedure TUniFrameMainHome.UniFrameCreate(Sender: TObject); begin try UniImageLogo.Picture.LoadFromFile(UniServerModule.StartPath + 'images\FrameHome\My Logo.PNG'); except end ; end;