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  1. same problem on Iphone (perfect working with chrome on a workstation.)
  2. Hi, do you found a solution for that : behaviour of UnimMenu.Visible/Not Visible

    In view port mode


    1. gerhardhziegler


      not really, I found a work-around, I think.

    2. benoitclaeys


      Mee too. I create at runtime and recreate my menu when I am back on the frame.


  3. Hi, this is what I defined in the CustomCSS >>> I use the solution explained by you in this topic 13267 : "Problem Tunimbtbutton with glyph image" This solution works fine if BitBtn is designed in Delphi. See property setting "LayoutConfig.Cls=custom64Glyph" But I don't know how to set the Layoutconfig.cls when I create the BitBtn at runtime. You can see all my tries (5) in all the commented lines "// test here" to do that. but without sucess.
  4. hi, I try to create at runtime UnimBitBtn with 64x64 icons. A ) I defined in customSS that : .custom64Glyph .x-icon-el { width: 64px !important; height: 64px !important; } B ) UnimBitBtn created at design time with Layout.cls=custom64glyph work perfectly C) Same created at run time do not work.... you can see all my tests in code. see comented line // 'test here' in code. UniSession.AddJS('Ext.suspendLayouts()'); // on suspend la mise en place de layout for i := 0 to UniMainModule.SbModuleInfoList.Count-1 do begin AModuleInfo:=U
  5. Hi, could you please create a new component for the mobile version UnimMemoHTML same as UniMemoHTML Regards Benoit
  6. I add this information : if I create columns and filter fields before showing the form (instead of pushing a button to create them), I do not see the filter fields.
  7. Hello, Want to allow edition of somes rows in a uniDBGrid, other ones must stay in read only. (for a Column, it' easy) The Read only condition on a row must be driven by one column value of the row. it's certainly done be aborting edition mode in a ExtJS event with a test on a value in a column... but I do not see how... Regards
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