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  1. Dear Mrs. I was trying to use TUnicalendarPanel in a project and found the following difficulties: 1) There is no property of type "READONLY" in TUniCalendarEvent that prevents event modifications such as event handling or change of start and end date. 2) You cannot use the TUnicalendarPanel OneventMove event to abort the movement of an event. 3) How to adjust the duration of event "EventResize" with mouse in UniCalendarPanel? 4) How to use the "OnEventResize" event to cancel a resize event? Thank you if you can submit an example addressing these issues. Marcelo Carvalho
  2. Dear friends. Using the delphi IDE, during the design phase, the unicalendar component displays several months, but during project execution the component only displays one month. Does anyone know how to display several months during project execution phase?
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