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Found 6 results

  1. Как русифицировать это меню ?????
  2. Hi, I have noticed that TUnimDBGrid does not have a 'AutoWidth' (forcefit) columns or and equivalent property. Has anyone got a workaround or a different way of achieving this. In some situations I need to use TUnimDBGrid to display data on different devices - with different screen sizes, and it doesn't look great from a UI point of view when the columns do not take up the whole grid width. Any help appreciated, Thanks Dan.
  3. Hi, I am in need of a AutoWidth Columns for TUnimDBGrid. The reason, is that I often use TUnimDBGrid, for multi-selection and it looks untidy when two columns do not utilise the available width of the grid. Currently the column widths are hard coded to a value, which also does not work great for multi-device, as obviously the size of the screen would be different. Ideally; to have a property that, when checked, would will fill the the whole width of the grid, with whatever columns are in the grid, e.g if we only have one column it takes the whole grid width. Much like the forcefit property on TUniDBGrid. This property would need to take into account orientation changed, so if the device is turned the grid would need to 'resize' the columns accordingly. I couldn't find an elegant way of achieving this, so if someone has a work around I would be happy to use that, but I think it would be a nice addition to the mobile grid. Thanks, Dan
  4. skafy

    TunimDBGrid select items

    Hi, Could you please tell me how to fill column of unimdbgrid with selected values. In mobile version there doesn't seem to work if I do the folowing: gridDelilnik.Columns[2].Editor:= unimSelect; //unimSelect is TUnimSelect with filled Items property OR gridDelilnik.Columns[2].PickList:= unimSelect.Items; //unimSelect is TUnimSelect with filled Items property What is the correct way to fill grid columns with wanted values from code. It seems I cannot access Column EditorItems from code.
  5. zanona

    Format Column TUniMDbGrid

    How to format a column in numerical format in the TUniMDbGrid component? EX: 1.230.100,20 Thanks Zanona
  6. Good morning everyone I'm doing a mobile project and when I use the TUnimDBGrid component it lists the lines but does not show the information, as picture attached. I'm with touch version 2.4.2 and unigui