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  1. Hi. My version is I'm updating now.
  2. Hi In previous versions 1.90.0.xxxx, a TunimDbgrid with grouping activated respected the order corresponding to the dataset. Ie: "order by Id, date, AnotherText". "Id" is grouping field. The TunimDbgrid shows each group as it should be and the groups ordered by the "date" field. It's Ok Now The TunimDbgrid shows each group as it should be but ther order is by grouping title . It´s a bug? Thanks
  3. Hello. I need a showmodal form no blocking in delphi 2007. It´s possible with Anonymous Callback or similar. Thanks
  4. I really need a unique identifier that does not change over time, a device identifier. I see a funtion in Sencha Ext.device.Device.uuid Is that correct? I don't know how to use it. Thanks
  5. Sorry, I need a unique identifier of the client machine. I want a login user/password/machine. Perhaps is a basic question. I only have a few days with html5 and Unigui. Thanks
  6. Hello. Is it possible to read your unique identifier from the client browser? Thaks
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