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Found 5 results

  1. Example for consumption of Geolocation API enabling complete data collection from a given ip. Get you free API Key at http://ipstack.com/ (free untill 10.000/day ) www.unigui.com.br-GeoLocation.rar
  2. I have created the following store at runtime, how do I assign this store to my grid ? UniSession.AddJS(grdUsers00.JSName + '.store = "Grid1Store"; '); does nothing ? MyScript:= 'var Grid1Store = new Ext.data.JsonStore( ' + '{ ' + ' root: "users", ' + ' fields: ["id", "name", "email"], ' + ' autoLoad: true, ' + ' data: ' + ' { ' + ' users: [ ' + ' { "id": 1, "name":"John Smith", "email":"jsmith@example.com"}, ' + ' { "id": 2
  3. Dear all, We are developing UNIGUI mobile web application with online banking transfer. We need to send an encrypted and signed JSON request to the BANK server. Obviously the bank has very tight security protocol need to follow. They only allowed the JSON request coming from registered IP , which is our unigui server site. We already did testing the json request and receive successfully from the server site use normal desktop application. It's involved PGP encryption, json, and HTTP requests component. My problem is because our user use mobile to access the unigui and need
  4. Hello, Can anyone help me? I have a simple application with a login and a main menu form, very usually, but with a particular parameters in the URL, I need to provide a simple, unformatted text content to the respective user's web browser (that text can be a JSon, XML, OData, etc). This URL contains authentication parameters (something like ""). I need to use the "UniGUIMainModuleBeforeLogin" event of the "UniMainModule", to validate this authentication key, determine which user is accessing the data and only if that key/user is va
  5. Dear, I consult them, I need to make my application unigui, talk to another remote php application, what should I do? I understand using a webservice / XML / JSON, another. I will appreciate your support and feedback as could do this task.
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