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  1. Finally I've solved the problem. I set unithreadtimer interval as 600000 and started unithreadtimer when server module create. It worked. On the other hand I'm not sure is it right to use two fdconnetcion one on mainmodule, onether on servermodule
  2. You are right. Actually there is no problem with running unithreadtimer. My problem is that I could not manage how to run a query on server to handle backup operation. I checked demos related to unithreadtimer, but non of them use query. I don't want to use unitimer instead of unithreadtimer and run the same query many times.
  3. Ok. I add a TFDConnection, TFDQuery and TUniThreadTimer on server module. And I created another connection which is independant from mainmodule connection But the result was the same. Nothing changed on the database.
  4. I added unithreadtimer on mainmodule but nothing changed
  5. I need to delete some record on a database on every 30 minutes. I added a unithreadtimer on servermodule and used below code. But when I check the database it seems that unithreadtimer doesn't work. My code: procedure TUniServerModule.UniGUIServerModuleServerStartup(Sender: TObject); begin unithreadtimer1.Enabled:=true; end; procedure TUniServerModule.UniThreadTimer1Timer(Sender: TObject); begin UniThreadTimer1.Lock; try with unimainmodule.servermodulesql do begin close; sql.Text:='DELETE from kilitlipoliceler where ROUND(TIME
  6. Hello Sherzod Memory leak warning disappeared when I used new script. Thanks your help, above and beyond your sincere help I think we need a documentation source to handle that kind of problem. To be honest it doesn't make sense for me why the memory leak has accured and why it's disappeared after replacing the script. I always try to understand logic instead of copy-paste script. But this time I couldn't Many thanks again
  7. I added a test caseunitreemenutest.rar unitreemenutest.rar
  8. I've used above script and it has worked. However a memory leak occurred. I have no idea how I fix the leak. I checked the script, it seemed Ok.
  9. Hi I need to change table layout column count runtime. However it doesn't display columns properly except the first column. Even though I tried many things including searching forum I couldn't find a solition for the problem. I've added a test case to show the problem. Thanks in advance for your advice slayouttest.zip
  10. emin

    Layout centered

    It works perfectly thanks alot
  11. emin

    Layout centered

    Hi Is it possible to create a layout like this in UniGui. I couldn't find center layout, may be I missed something Center layout
  12. Browser console shows below error: Uncaught TypeError: $(...).autoNumeric is not a function at ctor.<anonymous> (ext-unigui-min.js:9) at ctor.fire (ext-all.js:20) at ctor.doFireEvent (ext-all.js:20) at ctor.doFireEvent (ext-all.js:20) at ctor.b.doFireEvent (ext-all.js:20) at ctor.fireEventArgs (ext-all.js:20) at ctor.fireEvent (ext-all.js:20) at ctor.finishRender (ext-all.js:20) at ctor.finishRenderItems (ext-all.js:20) at ctor.finishRender (ext-all.js:20)
  13. The problem is that, I add to custom files jqurey.js and jquery.maskedinput.js As far as uniedit is concern everythink is ok as it sould be. However if I add a UniFormattedNumberEdit on a form/frame and run the project nothing shown on the form. When I remove jquery.js and jquery.maskedinput.js from custom files UniFormattedNumberEdit1 and other components run smoothly I tought that I've solved the problem, unfourtuanatly I couldn't
  14. I guess so. But firefox and samsung browser allow this kind of use. What is the difference and how can I handle this issue
  15. I think Responsive Layout is essential for a web application.
  16. Hi I add a uniurlframe on mainform to login a webpage. If I run the app locally everything is ok. However on serverside after login the page returns the login screen immediately. This happens on chrome and Edge browsers. When I use firefox I can login the page without any problems. Is there any configurations that I need to make
  17. I solved the problem, that's why I deleted the message
  18. emin


    Instead of sweetalert I use this one. It works smoothly. You can find all detailes below link http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/13421-unigui-does-humanejs-updated/&tab=comments#comment-71824 Humane.rar
  19. It is OK when you place edit on mainform. But doesn't work on a frame.
  20. emin


    Thank you for your reply
  21. Hi I have a project which will be used by aproximetly 1000 users. I'll deploy the app on a server which has 8 GB RAM and 8 Core Intel XEON CPU. I am not sure which is the best chose for building the project 32-bit Nodes or 64-bit Nodes. I've check the manuel about the issue. (Manuel link) The manuel recommends using 32-bit Nodes whenever possible I wonder if this recomendation still correct. Thanks in advance for your opinions
  22. Bu şekilde doğru çalıştı. Destek için teşekkür ederim. Bu tür detaylar için başvurabileceğimiz bir dokümantasyon var mı acaba? Paylaşabilirseniz çok memnun olurum.
  23. Please let me know any progress in resolving the issue. Because I need to decide whether or not to use excel exporter in my new projects. Thanks in advance
  24. Test uygulaması ektedir. Uygulamada veriler oluşturduğum test veri tabanından gelmektedir. unitest.rar
  25. I've created this database for the test case. You can find connection parameters on FD Connection1. I added mysql lib as well libmysql.dll
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