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  1. It works well when there is only a pagecontrol on form. However if I add another components it doesn't work. I added a new test case. Could you please check it. new_pagecontrolbordertest.rar
  2. I need to hide or remove borders. I've tried all the suggestions above. Unfortunately borders still exist I use win 10 theme. pagecontrolbordertest.rar
  3. I really thank you this valuable information. Because I had searched web for long hours and found nothing. System32 didn't work. SysWOW64 is OK
  4. In the application.dll folder
  5. Thank you. I am looking forward
  6. Hi I use below code to send an email. It works well on standalone mode, however on IIS does not send mails. I set SMTP email configuration on IIS server. The problem still exists
  7. It's possible and quite easy to implement. Here is an example which I copied from my code procedure Tfrmkrediislemleri.adsoyadGetText(Sender: TField; var Text: string; DisplayText: Boolean); begin Text := '<img height="16", width="16", src="files/images/' + 'user16.png" /> '+ krediislemleri.FieldByName('adsoyad').AsString; end; procedure Tfrmkrediislemleri.UniDBGrid2DrawColumnCell(Sender: TObject; ACol, ARow: Integer; Column: TUniDBGridColumn; Attribs: TUniCellAttribs); begin if Column.FieldName = 'adsoyad' then Column.Field.OnGetTex
  8. Hi My app works on Standolone module very well and I've deployed it as ISAPI Module according to the manuel. My server is Windows Server 2016 and it uses IIS version 10.0.14 When I tried to run the application I can see only below error: HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable. I tried every options. I need your help Thanks in advance
  9. Thank you Sherzod. It works
  10. I use accordion layout and need to hide collapse icon and show only toolbuttons.
  11. Finally I've solved the problem. I set unithreadtimer interval as 600000 and started unithreadtimer when server module create. It worked. On the other hand I'm not sure is it right to use two fdconnetcion one on mainmodule, onether on servermodule
  12. You are right. Actually there is no problem with running unithreadtimer. My problem is that I could not manage how to run a query on server to handle backup operation. I checked demos related to unithreadtimer, but non of them use query. I don't want to use unitimer instead of unithreadtimer and run the same query many times.
  13. Ok. I add a TFDConnection, TFDQuery and TUniThreadTimer on server module. And I created another connection which is independant from mainmodule connection But the result was the same. Nothing changed on the database.
  14. I added unithreadtimer on mainmodule but nothing changed
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