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  1. Hello, https://www.screencast.com/t/T805577E This happend when I scroll with mouse wheel, position in fixed column and other columns shift... last trial
  2. last trial I have form with tree and options panel. On options panel I show different frames which depends on selected node. I crated CustomFrame and several another frames inherited from custom. When I try to create frame I get error https://www.screencast.com/t/2gHWz5Mw35z code: procedure TfrmQuadMagic.SetTaskFrame; var task_code: string; begin task_code := quTask.FieldByName('rtl_task_code').AsString; if Assigned(FOptionsFrame) then FOptionsFrame.Free; if task_code = 'PRODIMP' then FOptionsFrame := TQMImportProductOptionFrame.Create(pnlOptions); <-- error
  3. p2rcoder

    IIS 8.5

    anybody tried to compare unigui performance on different version IIS and Apache? Is there any difference?
  4. is this a free component? can't find it in google... also, Is there easy way to copy data from Excel and paste it in grid at unigui application?
  5. p2rcoder


    For parse content from opened page for example. But it is browser security restrict... May be somebody know workaround, how to get source html from frame or how to simulate in one window work with 2 sites? I try to implement simple content management App and I need to get selected by user text from frame.
  6. Ok, I saw here that somebody implemented work with PayPal - how can I add to paymant system "return url" - for return customer back to site after he did payment? Can I do something like "www.myunigui.com/payment&code=xxxx&state=1" ?
  7. After uninstall 13xx trial edition and manual delete FMSoft folder I have installed last trial edition (both server and client). In delphi app complited successfully but I cant run it in browser... All paths to ext and uni folder set by default, permission to unigui folder added but still "Loading..." message. In console I see errors https://www.screencast.com/t/JpzIFSXjuv. When try to open CSS file in browser see white screen . This CSS file already present in folder c:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework I already reinstall all several times...
  8. So, it is not possible to create pages with unique urls?
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