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  1. fjtrooper

    Web browsing from server side

  2. fjtrooper

    Web browsing from server side

    I have a server with a local Bussiness Intelligence service and unigui running on that server also. I would like that BI server not to be accesible from outside the server, so I only would access it from localhost inside the server. My unigui application is accesible from outside the server, and my question is... Can I create a urlframe or htmlframe inside the unigui application that browse my BI service from the server ad show the result to the client?
  3. fjtrooper

    Web browsing from server side

    And how I do that? If I use a html frame or url frame and I put localhost url inside, in remote client I get url not found
  4. fjtrooper

    Web browsing from server side

    Is possible web browsing from server side, so I can navigate to localhost(server) and view results from clients access? THX!
  5. fjtrooper

    SSL GeoTrust True BusinessID

    Hi!! I've just bought a Symante GeoTrust True BusinessID SSL certificate. I've Certificate file, PFX and intermidiate certificate file. Does anybody knows how do I have to configure it in Unigui please? THX!!!!
  6. fjtrooper

    Access violation at address .....

    Ok thank's!!
  7. fjtrooper

    Access violation at address .....

    In Eurekalog, which project type I should use for standalone server?
  8. fjtrooper

    Access violation at address .....

    I'll try it , THX!
  9. fjtrooper

    Access violation at address .....

    Hello! I've some projects built with unigui, with many forms, and sometimes I get an error like "Access violation at address 0000000000A12F2F in module 'Program.exe'. Read of address 0000000000000". I don't know which is the reason and I've no more information of the error. In all of thouse projects I use Unidac (I don't think it be the reason). Does anybody knows which culd be the problem? Someone has hapepends somethings like this? THX!!!
  10. fjtrooper

    IIS 8.5

    I found the problem, as I'm compiling in 64btis, I have to disable 32 bits applications en application pool, this is the reason why it downloas and not execute. THX!
  11. fjtrooper

    IIS 8.5

  12. fjtrooper

    IIS 8.5

    Hi!! I've deployed .dll with the configuration detailled in manual, but when I access to the url, the browser "downloads" the .dll file. I don't know what's wrong.
  13. fjtrooper

    URLFrame ScreenMask

  14. fjtrooper

    UniGUI strong points

    Hi!! Personally a recommend Unigui! I've developed a lot of projects using Unigui and I think it's one of the fastest and easiest ways for web development. I've developed a CRM for using in our company with also mobile access. Before it we used SAP CRM, but it was very hard to change something and we also had problems with some browsers. With this Unigui CRM users are VERY HAPPY!! About code..can't be stolen, it's deployed as dll or standalone EXE server. best regards
  15. fjtrooper

    FullScreen Mobile

    Finally I've used the app FullScreenBrowser from GooglePlay, It does what I want ;-) THX!!