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  1. Yes, set a global font name for the application. If I want to change the font name of everything, do that globally
  2. Yes something like that, but using a global css or something like that
  3. Hello! How could I set global font name in my application? is it posible? THX

  5. I've installed 1496 and worked! later upgraded to latest one
  6. Yea, I have used "get license" button and also "web link", and always I get the attached message
  7. Hello! I did what you told me, uninstall and later install in new hardware, get the key, and I get sn error "use a valid license". What I have done wrong? Thanks!!!
  8. ok, so just install imn new hardware with my credentials and thats all?
  9. Hello! I'm to move to new hardware, how can I move license to new hardware? simple uninstall and then install in new hardware? THX!!
  10. I have a server with a local Bussiness Intelligence service and unigui running on that server also. I would like that BI server not to be accesible from outside the server, so I only would access it from localhost inside the server. My unigui application is accesible from outside the server, and my question is... Can I create a urlframe or htmlframe inside the unigui application that browse my BI service from the server ad show the result to the client?
  11. And how I do that? If I use a html frame or url frame and I put localhost url inside, in remote client I get url not found
  12. Is possible web browsing from server side, so I can navigate to localhost(server) and view results from clients access? THX!
  13. Hi!! I've just bought a Symante GeoTrust True BusinessID SSL certificate. I've Certificate file, PFX and intermidiate certificate file. Does anybody knows how do I have to configure it in Unigui please? THX!!!!
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