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  1. Hello, I have version 1480. I think it has to do with previous reports. On the server (MSSQL), the dataset is returned sorted by date. And the server sorts correctly (naturally). There is no JS code on UniDBGrid. Here's what I see (attach). If I say that sorting by date - everyone will laugh.
  2. Then it turns out that all Delphi functions are unsafe: IntToStr, Format, Trim, Len, Copy and 20,000 more functions.
  3. Volk65

    UniHTMLFrame and Server Path

    Thanks for the reply. I understand that. Just in the version of UniGUI this code worked: FileName:= ' \\Server\Folder\File.ext'; FileExists(FileName); -- = True UniSession.SendFile (FileName); -- Worked correctly UniURLFrame.URL:=FileName; -- Worked correctly In version FileName:= ' \\Server\Folder\File.ext'; FileExists(FileName); -- = True UniSession.SendFile (FileName); -- also works correctly UniURLFrame.URL:=FileName; --- not working anymore I'll rewrite some of the code, of course. And transfer files from one server to another. I want to understand that this is not a bug of UniGUI developers, that now it will be so, that it is normal.
  4. Volk65

    UniHTMLFrame and Server Path

    This is the first thing I tried - doesn't work. I put a breakpoint and made sure that the path looks like: //.../.../Doc1.pdf-does not work and displays a picture (The site does not allow a connection):
  5. Volk65

    UniHTMLFrame and Server Path

    Hi! This code works: UniHTMLFrame.URL := UniServerModule.FilesFolderURL+ExtractFileName(FileName); // files/doc1.pdf -- PDF is displayed But this code doesn't work: UniHTMLFrame.URL := '\\ServerName\SharedFolder\SubFolder\doc1.pdf'; // UniHTMLFrame is blank (file exists) How to display a file in a shared folder?
  6. Volk65

    Onidle trigger for Session

    Hi! In VCL, I use the Application event.Onidle Is there a similar event in UniGUI for the session? I.e. in the idle time of the session triggered my handler.
  7. Volk65

    Editing a UniDBGrid cell

    Yes! It work.
  8. Volk65

    Editing a UniDBGrid cell

    Thank you very much! I'll be waiting.
  9. Volk65

    Editing a UniDBGrid cell

    Şeytan!!! Ama bu nasıl mümkün olabilir?
  10. Volk65

    Editing a UniDBGrid cell

    Project1.rar Try this test.
  11. Volk65

    Editing a UniDBGrid cell

    Hi! Any news?
  12. Volk65

    Editing a UniDBGrid cell

  13. Volk65

    Editing a UniDBGrid cell

    Google chrome and Firefox give the same result.
  14. Volk65

    Editing a UniDBGrid cell

    Tested (now). And there is the same: when you go to a edit mode, the cursor becomes at the end of the value. And I need SelectAll. In Delphi.VCL TEdit component has property AutoSelect (Default=true)