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  1. Volk65

    Global variable

    Yeah, that's a good option. A few tweaks to get rid of the dependency in uses on a particular project. Be so: uses UniGUIVars, uniGUIMainModule, MainModule; function DM_tmp: TDM_tmp; begin Result := TDM_tmp(UniMainModule.GetModuleInstance(TDM_tmp)); end; Become so: uses UniGUIVars, uniGUIApplication; function DataModule1: TDataModule1; begin Result := TDM_tmp(UniApplication.UniMainModule.GetModuleInstance(TDM_tmp)); end; Thanks for the idea.
  2. Volk65

    Global variable

    Thanks! that's what I wanted to hear. You can (in the future) create a custom property in the session object: "UserObj: TObject" (or something) that can be assigned by the developer. For example, as the Tag property.
  3. Volk65

    Global variable

    As an instance of form where to store? In the global variable? in another form? I want to get away from storing a variable in MainForm. To create an instance of a class I need to store it somewhere but not in the form of a project. That's why I want to use ThreadVar. I need an answer to the question: Is it possible to use a global variable declared as Threadvar (so that each session sees its own variable) ?
  4. Volk65

    Global variable

    I need a (thread)variable for each session. Now I have a variable in the MainModule. But I need to take it outside the project in common for all projects units.
  5. Volk65

    Global variable

    Is it possible to use a global variable declared as: threadvar SomeVar: ISomeInterface; From the description of Delphi it follows that for each thread the value will be different. Will it work in UniGui?
  6. Maybe I misunderstood, but why such difficulties? Why not?: procedure TMainForm.Btn1Click(Sender: TObject); begin ShowPsw:=not ShowPsw; if ShowPsw then UniEdit1.PasswordChar:=#0 else UniEdit1.PasswordChar:='*'; end;
  7. Volk65

    OnShowEvent -> Ajax error

    Solved. It was a mistake not of the form I "tortured", and in the parent form. In TAction (ActionList1) found property AutoCheck=True. Apparently I accidentally once included. When I switched the TAction.AutoCheck=False-everything worked.
  8. Volk65

    OnShowEvent -> Ajax error

    wprins: Ctrl-Shift-Del - not help, incognito window - not help. Sherzod: In this form no UniPopupMenu: uses Windows, Messages, Variants, Classes, Graphics, Vcl.Controls, Forms, Dialogs, uniGUIForm, uniGUIBaseClasses, uniGUIClasses, uniPanel, uniButton;
  9. Volk65

    OnShowEvent -> Ajax error

    1) Google Chrome 71.0.3578.98 2) 3) Not possible. How to delete cache? If Ctrl+F5, it didn't help. The form is empty, two buttons and a panel. And still: on other forms (20-30) everything is normal, including where there is a UniCheckBox.
  10. Volk65

    OnShowEvent -> Ajax error

    Hi! When showing the form I get an error: Setchecked () is not a function. I removed the UniCheckBox, but the error is still there. I removed all components from the form-there is a mistake. I removed all unnecessary modules from Uses-there is an error. How do I beat this Elo?
  11. Volk65

    How make TUniToolButton flat?

  12. Hello, I have version 1480. I think it has to do with previous reports. On the server (MSSQL), the dataset is returned sorted by date. And the server sorts correctly (naturally). There is no JS code on UniDBGrid. Here's what I see (attach). If I say that sorting by date - everyone will laugh.
  13. Then it turns out that all Delphi functions are unsafe: IntToStr, Format, Trim, Len, Copy and 20,000 more functions.
  14. Volk65

    UniHTMLFrame and Server Path

    Thanks for the reply. I understand that. Just in the version of UniGUI this code worked: FileName:= ' \\Server\Folder\File.ext'; FileExists(FileName); -- = True UniSession.SendFile (FileName); -- Worked correctly UniURLFrame.URL:=FileName; -- Worked correctly In version FileName:= ' \\Server\Folder\File.ext'; FileExists(FileName); -- = True UniSession.SendFile (FileName); -- also works correctly UniURLFrame.URL:=FileName; --- not working anymore I'll rewrite some of the code, of course. And transfer files from one server to another. I want to understand that this is not a bug of UniGUI developers, that now it will be so, that it is normal.