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  1. Volk65

    UniLabel прозрачность фона

    Так поделитесь!
  2. +1. При работе с большими базами никто не использует динамические запросы создаваемые на клиенте. При таком подходе сплошные минусы. Практически всё что вы делаете на клиенте можно (и нужно) делать на сервере.
  3. Volk65

    Database access and Asynchronous

    In the first DataSet create the AfterScroll event, which is open the second (child) DataSet.
  4. Volk65

    Height of HTML content

    Is it possible to know the height of HTML content in UniHTMLMemo?
  5. Попробуйте ControlCount и Controls
  6. Volk65

    List of items with delete button

    Yes-s-s!!! Strike!
  7. Volk65

    List of items with delete button

    Need clarification. When you click on the icon, two events are called sequentially: Button.AjaxEvent then Button.OnClick. And in the OnClick event I can't understand what was pressed, the button or the icon. Or I need two events in AjaxEvent, separately for the button and for the icon: JSConfigObject('listeners','btnIconEl', [JSObject(['click', JSFunction('sender','ajaxRequest('+JSName+', "iconClick");')])]); JSConfigObject('listeners','Button????', [JSObject(['click', JSFunction('sender','ajaxRequest('+JSName+', "buttonClick");')])]);
  8. Volk65

    List of items with delete button

    Shaytan! It works! Thank you!
  9. Volk65

    List of items with delete button

    Thanks, I will try What is btnIconEl, and where is it defined?
  10. Volk65

    List of items with delete button

    How to make a list of "buttons" (as in the picture)? So that it was a button + delete button (with a cross). To get a reaction to two events: 1. Pressed the main button, 2. Pressed the cross. The list will be created dynamically at run time. Is that possible?
  11. Volk65

    UniHTMLMemo - background

    Hi all! How can I change the background color in UniHTMLMemo (dynamically created memo) ?
  12. Volk65

    UniMemo - number of rows

    Thanks Sherzod! I will try
  13. Volk65

    UniMemo - number of rows

    Auto increase height of the panel which has UniMemo. Up to a certain limit of course.
  14. Volk65

    UniMemo - number of rows

    Hi! How in UniMemo to know the number of rows (not Lines.Count) with account transfers. For example: there is one line in the memo, but because of the wordwrap property it was split into several lines. How do I know the number of these lines?
  15. Volk65

    Global variable

    Yeah, that's a good option. A few tweaks to get rid of the dependency in uses on a particular project. Be so: uses UniGUIVars, uniGUIMainModule, MainModule; function DM_tmp: TDM_tmp; begin Result := TDM_tmp(UniMainModule.GetModuleInstance(TDM_tmp)); end; Become so: uses UniGUIVars, uniGUIApplication; function DataModule1: TDataModule1; begin Result := TDM_tmp(UniApplication.UniMainModule.GetModuleInstance(TDM_tmp)); end; Thanks for the idea.