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  1. Can you create a unigui component of syncfusion word processor or create the necessary html with js to make it work in unigui? https://www.syncfusion.com/javascript-ui-controls/js-word-processor 

    or is there any other alternatives to edit and save word docs docx format something like timymce. Tinymce works but it can only edit html files converting docx to html to edit in tinymce is not an option the formatting is not accurate.

  2. Hello, First of all, thank you for sharing your solution! Unfortunately, it did not work for me in Delphi XE10, in a UniGui application that runs in synchronous mode. I got the following error message: HOWEVER! I was able to fix the problem by calling UniSession.Synchronize() between the Delphi code and the JavaScript code. The following worked for me: UniListBox1.ItemIndex:=11; UniSession.Synchronize(); UniListBox1.JSInterface.JSCall('boundList.getSelectedNodes()[0].scrollIntoView', [True]); Note that I hard-coded '0' as the selected node index. This is beca
  3. I was using the Tunicalendarpanel and found some js code there so had to disable that for it to work.
  4. Hi, I don't think so, i can't find any js code in the project.
  5. Hi, I get a weird error message after installing new unigui update version, my applications will compile but none of the applications will start and i get the message "sender.setActiveView is not a function" when i try to run the applications. I have attached a picture of the error. Anybody that have the same issue and have a solution to this, please let my know ? Best Regards Jack Amin
  6. Hi everybody, I'm using unigui version, i created a website and on one of the frames i have created a googlemap just like the example from the demo folder and it's working as it should when i run it as localhost but when i run it under a static ip it show it for a split second then i get a message that says that something is wrong. I have created a project before with a previous unigui version and i did not have this problem. I have attached two screenshots one from my project when i run it as locahost and the other is from the googlemaps demo project ran under a static ip with
  7. Hi, I created a new form in my project named form1 and i want to open this form in a new browser tab when i click on a button from the mainform? Best regards Jack Amin
  8. It does work, just tried it. That's weird, must have done something strange.
  9. Hi, I have i hybrid application and i'm trying to hide the characters on the login screen where i have a TunimEdit. There is a property called "PasswordChar" that is defaulted to #0. I tried to remove the 0 but did not work. I have the same login screen in the desktop version where i have a TuniEdit, when i set the "PasswordChar" to # it works and hides the chars. Currently using version Best Regards Jack
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