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  1. Thanks Farshad. I thought that was the case.
  2. Title says it all. I have renewed UniGUI licence today. Do I need to renew/buy anything from Sencha or is that included in the UniGUI renewal? Thanks Andy
  3. FastCards

    EMB interest for WEB development

    The webinar was pretty good. When introducing the development tools they skipped over UniGUI very quickly. But when it came to the demo, UniGUI got the most exposure of all and attracted the most comments.
  4. FastCards

    display memo with line break in Grid

    Put <br> into the text where you want the line breaks. So, for your example: aa<br>bb<br>cc
  5. FastCards

    UniDBGRid options: dgAutoRefreshRow

    Thanks for the explanation Farshad.
  6. FastCards

    UniDBGRid options: dgAutoRefreshRow

    Can someone explain how the GridOption dgAutoRefreshRows works?
  7. Abak, They didn't disclose which Firewall was in use or provide any further info. The interesting thing is that they said that the site wasn't blocked, and yet something in the firewall config was blocking access to the site. My concern was to ensure that the problem wasn't caused by the upgrade I had just installed or by a server issue. If one client out of many is having difficulties accessing your site it really has to be something at their end causing the problem. However, thankfully it has been resolved and the client is happy, which is the #1 concern.
  8. Problem fixed. The quote from the client's IT people is: "I believe there was something the firewall was doing. The site was not blocked, which lead to the confusion. I have added the website as an exception on the HTTP proxy which seems to have corrected this."
  9. alfr: good idea re browser dev tools. I know the affected user is running Chrome so will try this. The firewall may need to be inspected too. Farshad: At the moment this is a permanent situation for one specific user. Stuck on "launching..." every time. I setup the previous version of the DLL to make sure that the upgrade wasn't the problem. It wasn't, same situation. The user did manage to log in on a different PC in the office (same network/IP Address) so I've concluded that it must be a PC issue. The user was convinced it was something to do with her login to my software; however, she never even reached the login page so I have discounted that idea. This situation is fine in one sense: it's not something that I can resolve via the DLL or the server. In another sense it is annoying as I would really like to get to the bottom of why this happens (and share this with the Forum for future reference) I will continue to investigate and will report back if anything is discovered. Thanks to all for ideas/assistance. Andy
  10. To be precise, it is stuck on "Launching..." not "Loading..."
  11. Everything else seems to be Ok. I'm confused as to why this should happen to a small subset of users directly after an upgrade to the DLL. Is there any specific issue you can think of that would cause a client's browser to stop on the Loading message? Is there anywhere else on the server I could check for clues?
  12. Browser cache cleared. Still same problem.
  13. Hi Farshad, I will check with the client now to see if this has been done. Your and DelphiDev's quick replies are most appreciated Andy
  14. ServerLimits are defaults: Max concurrent users is only about 20. I agree it looks like a problem on their network. Their IT people have checked it out and found nothing. Anything else you can suggest?
  15. Has anyone come across users getting stuck on the "Loading..." screen? This only affects 3 of my users out of 400+ and those 3 all work for the same company and therefore use the same network. 2 of the 3 users retried a few times and the damn thing fixed itself. One is left unable to get past Loading. Everyone else is fine so no issues with path settings on the server, I think. No issues recorded in UniGUI logs. I can see the user's IP address in the IIS logs but can't see any further problem. Any tips on where to look? I upgraded the DLL over the weekend and it seems very coincidental that this has happened now. I'm just confused as to what is causing an issue limited to such few users. Thanks Andy