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  1. Hello Farshad My member id is 00287 (3S SOLUTIONS) Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, how can I upgrade my license unigui professional to unigui complete editions? In FMT Customer Portal I don't see this option. Thanks in advance, Francesco
  3. Ok thanks, I will wait the next build. F.
  4. Hi Farshad, Yes the problem happens when BufferedStore is enabled. F.
  5. Hi Sherzod, the title error is "0208uniInsert is not a function" and the memo content is written under the screenshot. Thx F.
  6. Hello everyone, After I upgraded to version 1.90.1530 I have the following problem. The problem happens when i run the following code: procedure TfrRichieste.bAddClick(Sender: TObject); begin With UniMainModule.ttRichieste do begin UniMainModule.UniTransaction.CommitRetaining; UniMainModule.RichiesteRefreshDetails(); UniMainModule.ttRichieste.Insert; if UniMainModule.IsMaster() then FieldByName('UTENTE_ID').AsInteger := 0 else FieldByName('UTENTE_ID').AsInteger := UniMainModule.apiApp.UserID; FieldByName('DATA_UMODIFICA'
  7. Hi Gerhard I'm interested to theme pack. My email is francesco.dicosta@gmail.com

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