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  1. Hello Lema Is there a way to make an intermittent mark? or that the mark allows 2 icons to make an animation. regards
  2. Great Lema. Now I can count the instances in an area. regards
  3. Hello everyone. I need to get the upper left point (Lat, Long) and the lower right point of the map that is being displayed, any idea how to do it. regards
  4. Hi Newbie, Did you manage to make the capture of the webcam work? What component do you use?
  5. Changing Theme at runtime will cause a session restart if RecallLastTheme is True in MainModule.
  6. To change the theme, just assign it in the onchange event of the combobox? I have the following code but this does not make the change. procedure TMainForm.ThemeComboBoxChange(Sender: TObject); begin UniMainModule.Theme:=ThemeComboBox.Text; end;
  7. Thanks Lema, now works fine, you should copy the folder files from Unigmap component to the location of the executable (.exe)
  8. This shows in the error window. var myLatlng = new google.maps.LatLng(-29.958727,-71.339071); var myanchorXY = new google.maps.Point(50,50); var markerEx_0 = new MarkerWithLabel({ position : myLatlng, map : gm_O13, animation : google.maps.Animation.DROP, clickable : true, draggable : true, raiseOnDrag : true, flat : true, id : 0, tag : 1, icon : "http://maps.google.com/mapfiles/kml/pal3/icon16.png", title : "Marker 0", labelAnchor : myanchorXY, labelClass : "myLabel2", labelContent : "Label of Marker 0", labelInBackground : false, labelStyle : {}, labelVisible : true, clustered : true }); markersExArray_O13.push(markerEx_0); if (markerEx_0.clustered) { MarkerExClusterer_O13.addMarker(markerEx_0,false); } google.maps.event.addListener(markerEx_0, "click", function(e) { ajaxRequest(O13, "markerExClick" , ["id=0", "lat=" + e.latLng.lat(), "lng=" + e.latLng.lng(), "tag=" + 1, "xpos=" + myLatLngToPoint(e.latLng,gm_O13).x, "ypos=" + myLatLngToPoint(e.latLng,gm_O13).y ]);}); google.maps.event.addListener(markerEx_0, "dragend", function(e) { ajaxRequest(O13, "markerExDragend" , ["id=0", "lat=" + e.latLng.lat(), "lng=" + e.latLng.lng() ]);}); google.maps.event.addListener(markerEx_0, "rightclick", function(e) { ajaxRequest(O13, "markerExRightClick" , ["id=0", "lat=" + e.latLng.lat(), "lng=" + e.latLng.lng() ]);}); Copy from the UniGMap1AjaxEvent procedure Of UniGMapDemo.dll If EventName = 'maprightclick' then procedure TMainForm.UniButton1Click(Sender: TObject); begin {New Marker} SetLength(MarkersEx, High(MarkersEx) + 2); with MarkersEx[High(MarkersEx)] do begin id := High(MarkersEx); Latitude := -29.95872688; //StrToFloat(Params.Values['lat'], MainForm.fs); Longitude := -71.33907132; // StrToFloat(Params.Values['lng'], MainForm.fs); animation := maDROP; clickable := True; draggable := True; raiseOnDrag := True; flat := True; icon := 'http://maps.google.com/mapfiles/kml/pal3/icon' + IntToStr(random(50) + 1) + '.png'; title := 'Marker ' + IntToStr(id); labelAnchor.X := 50; labelAnchor.Y := 50; labelClass := 'myLabel2'; labelContent := 'Label of Marker ' + IntToStr(id); labelInBackground := False; labelVisible := True; tag := 1; AddToCluster:=True; end; UniGMap1.AddMarkerEx(MarkersEx[High(MarkersEx)]); end; Thank you This shows in the error window
  9. Hello, in a form paste an unigmap and a uniboton, when pressing this one must put a mark in the map but it shows attached error. Ajax Error MarkerWithLabel is not defined I need help please.
  10. Hi Farshad Mohajeri, How do i assign the image to unibitbtn from TUniNativeImageList? Does this accept .png? How do i assign the image to unibitbtn from TUniNativeImageList? Does this accept .png?
  11. Thank you, it's working. Is there any way to assign an image of TUniImageList as an icon for a MarkersEx? regards
  12. On page 17 of this thread, this answer, regarding apikey. To show the map: procedure TMainForm.UniFormShow(Sender: TObject); begin UniGMap1.InitializeMap; Unigmap1.Enabled := True; end; Lema, great work... On page 17 of this thread, this answer, regarding apikey. To show the map:
  13. Hi, In the main form, I put the UniGMap component aligned to the client, when running the apps, shows the map blank. Maybe you need the api key?
  14. Gracias por la ayuda recibida, La solución es utilizar los componentes TUniFileUpload y TUniImage, En el evento UniFileUpload1Completed, se carga la foto a UniImage1 y luego se asigna al campo Foto de la tabla o query. AStream: TFileStream); begin UniImage1.Picture.LoadFromFile(AStream.FileName); UniLabelImagenProp.Caption:='Foto : '+UniFileUpload1.FileName; UniMainModule.UniQueryPropietarios.Edit; UniMainModule.UniQueryPropietarios.FieldByName('Foto').Assign(UniImage1.Picture); UniMainModule.UniQueryPropietarios.Post; end; Saludos
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