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Newbie question... Do I need to have Embarcadero to use uniGUI ?

jon rios

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thanks Mark,  so uniGUI doesnt work alone, its an add-on for RAD Studio..


seems like an expensive proposition, unless you make money creating apps.  


I saw the functionality that uniGUI provides, does RAD Studio NOT provide any of those controls?  What makes adding uniGUI to RAD so powerful or useful??


thanks again Mark

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@jon rios, you really have to learn about RAD Studio (Delphi) and uniGUI. After that it's obvious why this combination is as powerful as it is. Yes it is pretty expensive but if you're going to sell products you build, it shouldn't be too big of a problem.

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Current Delphi / RAD studio come with two Embarcadero frameworks - VCL and FireMonkey these allow you to build Windows (VCL) and  'cross platform' (FireMonkey) applications. Additionally you get a version of Intraweb (a third party extension) which allows you to build web apps - it's been around a longtime and some do build impressive stuff with it but it has never found that much traction - It's original architecture predates latest methods in Web development, though has worked hard to update in recent years.

UniGUI is another third party tool for Delphi / RAD studio. It is without doubt the most productive environment you will find for producing Web Apps for someone that knows Delphi and quite possibly outside that arena also. Whilst it might look like an expensive club to get into you will get results that are hard to realise in other tools without knowing a lot of different technologies. It is a genuine paradigm shift in ease of production!

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