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  1. MarkLince

    Survey: Features you want to see in version 1.0

    Extended Calendar panel component with some scheduling capability
  2. MarkLince

    UniMemo and html

    Hi, I Know there is UniHtmlMemo but, is there anyway a Unimemo can use html to display any formatting of text? The reason I ask is that using Fastreports and its memoview component can only understand very basic html tags so unihtmlmemo is too much for it to handle. If UniMemo can do html I want to create my own editor to only handle basic html tags which fastreports memoview can read from a db. If that makes any sense to anyone! Mark
  3. MarkLince

    Idea for calendar with multiple resources?

    This is a better option than Bryntum, better licencing/ cost https://dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxScheduler/?fromMenu This is Time line example which is what I'm most interested in. https://docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/samples/09_api/04_highlighted_sections_units.html Just need someone to port it to uniGUI!! or at least help with the JS Schedulers are everywhere these days, having a UniGUI component like this would certainly broaden the appeal of uniGUI, I'm sure of it.
  4. MarkLince

    Idea for calendar with multiple resources?

    TMS seem to all but abandoned development of their Intrawebs components and just seem to rebuild with new versions of delphi. The planner component is really old and has not changed for quite a few years. If UniGUI keeps making traction and users grow then maybe TMS will pick it up, but they seem to be into many things these days and dot net features heavily.
  5. MarkLince

    Idea for calendar with multiple resources?

    needs to be in feature requests really
  6. MarkLince

    How do I remove or hide panel borders?

    Hi, Why not use Borderstyle property select ubsnone? Regards Mark
  7. You need Embarcadero Delphi or Rad Studio (different flavours of the same tool). https://www.embarcadero.com/products/rad-studio/start-for-free This combination is Killer when it comes to web development, be kind to yourself and give it a go! Mark
  8. MarkLince

    Idea for calendar with multiple resources?

    I'm very interested in this also and need it for a project in pipeline. The bryntum scheduler is very expensive and maybe not usable with UniGUI and there will certainly be licencing issues. That said I would pay a decent wedge of cash for a UniGUI component like this, just not Bryntium price/ contract. Mark
  9. MarkLince

    UniPDFFrame improvement request

    Hi, I really need this too. How do I set this when my form with PDFFrame loads? Thanks Mark
  10. MarkLince

    Advanced Desktop

    This really is amazing! well done Mohammad. Mark
  11. MarkLince

    Content Security Policy Header

    I can't find any Thanks Farshad
  12. MarkLince

    Signature Capture

    Hi, easiest way to save the png is to save it from the unimimage like; unimimage.picture.savetofile('YourPath/YourFilename.png') The other changes require some interaction with the js of the jquery control, I will look at that for you over the next few days, I'm very busy at the moment. Regards Mark
  13. MarkLince

    Signature Capture

    Hi, Thanks, you are welcome. Mark
  14. MarkLince

    Content Security Policy Header

    Hi farshad, Just one thing, if CSP is not possible, what is the best way to mitigate xxs attacks in unigui aps Thanks again Mark
  15. MarkLince

    Content Security Policy Header

    Hi Farshad, Thanks for the speedy reply. OK, sounds like its unlikely to work, but I will try anyway and let you know. Regards Mark