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SSL Certificate

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I have simple-landlord.com with GoDaddy.


I have demo.simple-landlord.com forwarded to a dedicated server on OVH    myIP:8000/?demo=true

I have login.simple-landlord.com forwarded to a dedicated server on OVH    myIP:8000


I bought a SSL Certificate from SSLPoint which resells Comodo certificates (89 per year)


The certificate is labeled:  Positive SSL WildCard       *.simple-landlord.com  1 year Expiry Date 05.06.2018


I downloaded the certificates and received:







I have no idea what to do.  One of the options when I right click on these files is Install Certificate.


I looked at the configure SSL Parameters in the UniGui help, but it references:






I also have Private key, this starts with -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY----- ends with -----END PRIVATE KEY----- and has a bunch of gibberish in between.


Can anyone help me?





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Thanks I got it working.


Is it possible to know how they got to my server?


For example did they type in

demo.simple-landlord.com   or



These are set to two different ip addresses, but alias to the same one.

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I have it working with https:  Thanks for your help.


But it does not work with http:


Should I write a little program that listens to port 80 and redirects to 443


Like this example:




PS - To clarify.  If I type in the address without any http at the begining just demo.simple-landlord.com it does not work.  I have to explicitly type https://demo.simple-landlord.com


I have used other sites that automatically redirect it to https


Is this something I can do on the server? (windows server 2016) 

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