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  1. Sorry you are right I was clicking on the tree diagram.
  2. I have tried many and could not download any.
  3. I haven't used UniGui for a while, but I going to do a new project in it if I can. My licence expired on 19/9/2019. When I go to the portal it looks like I should be able to download version It is in green and the next one is red. But when I click on the download icon my only choice is to download change log, not the file itself. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks, Rob
  4. It still gives the same error. Do you have any idea why I am not generating an exception within the IDE?
  5. My real problem is not what is wrong with the code, but why I get an error during the run in the browser, but no error in the IDE? If I got an error on the IDE I think I could fix it. EDIT: I am ignoring NO exceptions in:Tools->Options->Debugger Options->Embarcadero Debuggers->Language Exceptions I also tried both Run Handled and Run Unhandled for Native OS Exceptions
  6. I show a modal form, and when I click OK or Cancel (mrOK and mrCancel) the message pops up. procedure TfrmModal.ShowRecurringCharge(aRecurringCharge: Integer); var aFrame: TfraRecurringCharges; begin aFrame := TfraRecurringCharges.Create(self); try if aRecurringCharge = 0 then frmModal.Caption := 'Create a new scheduled charge' else frmModal.Caption := 'Edit an existing scheduled charge'; frmModal.Height := aFrame.Height + 30; frmModal.Width := aFrame.Width + 12; aFrame.Parent := frmModal; borderstyle := bsToolWindow; borderIcons := [biSystemMenu]; aFrame.AddScheduledCharge(aRecurringCharge); finally aFrame.Free; end; end; procedure TfraRecurringCharges.AddScheduledCharge(aNewChargeID: Integer); .... I commented out all above code (it is just setting defaults on form) .... if (frmModal.ShowModal = mrOK) then begin .... the code in here shouldn't matter ​ because it also happens when I click cancel. .... end; end
  7. I have had similar errors and received an ajax error within the debugger. Previously it had a very long javascript piece in the message. When I pasted it to a jave script beautifer then into jslint.com it would show where the error was (field name) and I could figure out the problem. But this time all I get is a message in the chrome window: Eventclick, Object: O6C1 not found in session list. It could be timed out, refresh page and try again. How can I debug this?
  8. Does anyone know a good place to start investigating this?
  9. Do you anticipate many problems porting an existing project to one using 6.5?
  10. Is there any way to send email and texts from a phone? I am developing a phone app and would like to be able to access the phones email/text apps to send an email or text. For example, when they collect a rent I create a receipt. They want to be able to email it to their tenant. Thanks, Rob
  11. Thanks, that fixed it!
  12. Thanks, it worked perfectly for my test project. It didn't work on my real project, so I am looking into what is different. If you have any ideas what could go wrong, please let me know. Thanks again. PS: I changed _top to 3000, but it still won't scroll down.
  13. I would like to add a checkbox to the message I added: property CheckBox : string read FCheckBox write FCheckBox; and to Show if (CheckBox <> '') then begin data.add(' input: "checkbox",'); data.add(Format(' inputPlaceholder: %s,', [QuotedStr(CheckBox)])); end; This works and a checkbox shows on the alert. But how do I determine if the checkbox is checked? Can you help me?
  14. I just found this thread. When I tried to compile the client with XE6: procedure TfrmMsgCliCtrl.btnSelectTargetClick(Sender: TObject); begin frmSelectTargetSession.ShowModal( procedure (Res: Integer) begin if Res = mrOK then begin edtTargetSess.Text := frmSelectTargetSession.lbSessions.Text; end; end ); end; [dcc32 Error] UfrmMsgCliCtrl.pas(105): E2250 There is no overloaded version of 'ShowModal' that can be called with these arguments Does someone know how to fix the syntax for XE6, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks.
  15. I created a test case for this. Did anyone get a chance to look at it?
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