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Apache X FastReport

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I have the following problem.
I have 600 reports with dialog in FastReport.

I was able to read the fr3 dialog and create a screen in unigui dynamically.
That saved me.
People can continue to develop the reports with dialogue in the same way.



The problem is that when I put it in apache, it does not load the fields in the ComboBox.




IN apache all other controls load normal.
I've separated the code and I'm sending you an attachment, if you can help me.
While executable work perfectly.





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Hi, Farshad


I'm considering to buy a licence of unigui framework, but knowing nothing about Web development, thread safeness etc. I would like to ask you some questions :


1. tell us how to use report generators like Fast Report, Report Builder in a way suitable for use in an UNIGUI Web app ("thread safeness" , etc.)

2. I tried some components like devexpress pivotgrid, radarsoft hiercube and radarcube, and pivotcube in Desktop Vcl Apps and all of them have their strengths. Do you have or have evaluated some crosstab/hypecube components with unigui framework and could you tell us some "compatible" ones 


Thank you for your help

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