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Hello, I am addressing developers / architects who have developed applications using "unigui".


Indeed I want to develop an application using this framework, but I need your help to guide me:

- What do I need exactly

- What architecture should I follow (DBMS + Connection to the DB)

- What are the best practices I want to start correctly, knowing that this application is very "Gourmet" in term of number of tables of the database and the treatments and calculations



Thank you

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Thank you for your response.
I'm thinking to buy unigui very soon but i should be sur that this framework is what i need (I'm just starting, a beginner developer i don't have enought ressources to spent it on trying frameworks)
I saw some demo projetcs, some running applications, it looks great that is why i am asking how to do something like that (stable + Powerful and effective)
so my question is : do i need really just "unigui" nothing else ?
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The only thing most people would need, is the DB and maybe DB access components

if you cannot use what is in Delphi already.


I use MySQL and microOLAP db access components, and it was not expensive.


You may need some non-visual components or code, depending on whatever you make.


There are of course many Sencha third-party components that you may get to work

with Unigui. For instance, there is a calendar component, but I made my own based on JS code.


It all depends on how complex your app is, and what it connects to.


But for most typical projects, you only need the DB and db access, and then you're good to go.

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