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If "cloning" the visual components is sufficient you can try serializing/deserializing the frame. If you need to preserve the data (and non-visual components, i.e. datasets) you need to to it by hand, and it may be very hard.

For serializing the components see




Beware, this process is possible only in Delphi. I tried in C++ and never succeeded.

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Is not exactly what I'm looking for.


Now, for every form I have 4 files:


- 2 files for the form (.pas, and .dfm)

- 2 files for the frame where I am going to load the form. other .pas and.dfm for the frame


I'd like to have only one frame crated, and create frames in run time, as a copy of that frame, but I dont know how to do it.


Now, I'm doing as I explain above, the files of the frame are very little, but I think it could be more clear having only the files for the form and create the frame in run-time.


somme help and / or idea, will be wellcome.



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Hi all.


I have this:


   xfrc: Tfpframe;


And this piece of code only works the 1st. time that is excuted:


      xfrc := Tfpframe.Create(self);
      xfrc.Align := alClient;
      xfrc.Parent := Ts;


The 2nd. time, raises the error: A Component names fpframe already exists.


Any Idea?



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