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ApplicationForm and FreeForm - what is the difference and what better?


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For the moment I can understand that difference in calling them


To call Application form we should use


To call FreeForm we should use

var SomeFreeForm:TSomeFreeForm;



// SomeFreeForm.Free; // << somewhere in the code

So - what else different beetwen them?


Is ApplicationForm is more modern - with automatical memory management on it?


What approach is more reliable from your experience?

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hi oliver.


can you upload a sample?


I am trying to do the same.



procedure TfrmMain.OpenFrame(Sender: TObject);
  ts: TUniTabSheet;
  fra: TUniFrame;
  ts := TUniTabSheet.Create(self);
  ts.Caption := (Sender as TUniMenuItem).Caption;
  ts.PageControl := PageCtrl;
  // PageCtrl.TabIndex := -1; // Workaround / Issue #1025 / Nicht mehr notwendig ?!
  PageCtrl.ActivePage := ts;
  fra := TFrameClass((Sender as TUniMenuItem).Tag).Create(self); // type TFrameClass = class of TUniFrame;
  ts.Tag := Integer(fra); // call "TComponent(PageCtrl.ActivePage.Tag).Free;" when close TabSheet (ActivePage) later
  fra.Name := fra.Name + IntToStr(Integer(fra)); // to open a frame more than once
  fra.Align := alClient;
  fra.Parent := ts;
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