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Is this bug?


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I test in trail version 1321.

Open new uni project then add new uniform. On new form's unit's public section, add procedure example name 'test;' and add just remark on procedure body, so compiler not remove empty body. Then add unibutton on main form and add this code to onclick event " UniForm1.Test;"

and now test application on runtime. when you click to button on main form, UniForm1 showing ???? why ? there is no code for show command. there is no any code that procedure body ???

and try tis code as well:

procedure TUniForm1.test;

UniForm1 not hide, its showing :)

is this bug ? or whats wrong?


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Okey, I need to useto work with in framework.

How to work with not showed uniform?

I got unitreeview, panels, scroolbox and many checkbox. All of them createing in runtime ('cos read from db) this form setting some parameter for my application, how to do create and set values without show form? All components is visual and this mean have to use "uniform" class for parent?

what is yours suggesstions?

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You just need to create them with an Owner which should be a Form/Frame and insert them into some parent. Of course, owner form must be shown right after everything is created and in place.


Difference from VCL is that In uniGUI you must show a form after it is created. You can not create and keep it hidden.

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