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server requests, poor connection


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Dear all,



It happens that requests somehow hangs .... I think that it happens if the internet connection is poor between client and UniGUI server.

After while the client get "server not response, try latter" ....


After commit ... then requests are processed and decreased to zero. How is possible to solve this issue?

Is it some timeout to change time of requests, or something else?



best regards,


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Your case is not related to bad connection. Somehow your request hangs and doesn't finish. It probably either goes into a deadlock or hangs for an unknown reason.


Please list all 3rd party libs you use in your app.


It is just:







In applications for reporting (not use frequently) FastReports are used ..



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Perhaps your requests are timed out. Try increasing value of AjaxTimeout property.


I did, it is no difference,


It is interesting that that happens ony in connection from abroad client .... if client is from our country is no problem .....

but if I test ping from abroad .. it seems quit stable .....


it works stable 3 or 5 minute .... then requests hangs ..


maybe could be some problem on port communication, I am using standalone server .. it is possible somehow to test if the communication is problem on the server port, or should be better that use ISAPI on 80 port?




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OK. It seems to be a bad internet connection indeed. uniGUI needs a stable connection to work properly.


It is very interesting in the same time ("waiting requests") TeamViewer works normally ....also ping's are OK ....?



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Teamviewer  tries to restablish the connection when there is a connection issue. Ext JS returns with a timeout error.


The UniGUI  version is:

the log file has many of:

tracksw: 00002474: 23:46:38 [CommandGet]:EUniSessionException : invalid session


Is maybe some options to make reconnection in UniGUI?



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