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Official Call Example Application Data between two forms


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Official Call Example Application Data between two forms :
Good morning , this is to request a sample that is very common in the forum.
1. The common procedure is that a generic form is called from another form MainForm Example
Two . The Generic Form display the information in a table which is required to obtain a code . example QueryForm
Three . In the MainForm form is required to consult the table of Cities , the required code must be entered in field TEDIT .
April . Button to see the list of cities is pressed, the program calls the QueryForm.showmodal shape and should expect the user to select the city code , when the user selects the city should receive the selected value and place it on the field TEDIT
I have seen several example callback , but in the process in many ways consulting many fields of many different tables are required and requires reuse the code , so I solicto detailed to do this example and if I may suggest is part of the examples official
PS In my case in the normal VCL believes tedit a derivative of a function executing this component and thus saving a lot of work
Salute and thank you for your attention


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Hi logisticasoft,

Just struggling with this exactly as you mentioned.

This is an all day VCL operation, but causing me some new white hair in UniGui.... any ideas?


Well, I went to fast in my reply, just saw Form callback demo. 

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Hi to all,


if I understand well there is a need for a form displaying some data from a query and then the selected value returns to a tedit in the main form.

For this I've made a dialog form that when I call it I pass the query that produces the results and then I return the value that I want using modal result.

Correct me If I don't understand well.

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see exemple:

procedure TfrmClientesProspecao.btnpesqClienteClick(Sender: TObject);



                   procedure (Sender:TComponent;Resp:integer)
                       if resp=1 then
                         qOcorrenciaCodCliente.AsInteger  :=strtointdef(SeparaResult(UniMainModule.global_UtimoRetornoPesquisa,1,'|'),0);
                         qOcorrencianomefantasia.AsString :=separaResult(UniMainModule.global_UtimoRetornoPesquisa,2,'|');
procedure TfrmMyFind.btnOKClick(Sender: TObject);
UniMainModule.global_UtimoRetornoPesquisa :=qFind.fields[0].asstring+'|'+qFind.fields[1].asString;
ModalResult :=mrOk;




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You definitely can do from the closing of the search form


  TfrmCourseSearch = class(TUniForm)
    procedure SetCourseOfferID(OfferID: integer);
    function GetCourseOfferID: integer;
    procedure FilterCourse(editComponent: TUniEdit; FieldToSearch : String);   
    property OfferID: integer read GetCourseOfferID write SetCourseOfferID;


procedure TfrmCourseSearch.UniFormClose(Sender: TObject;
  var Action: TCloseAction);
     if ModalResult = mrOK then
       frmCourseEnrollment.cdsRegistrationDetCSOFFERINGID.value := frmCourseSearch.OfferID;
      end else    
        ShowMessage('You cancelled the search');        
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