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Release to iis,first time cannot load in browser


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I create a new Unigui application with Standalone server/ISAPI mode, and compile it without {define UNIGUI_VCL},then I release the dll to IIS.  When I open browser to load the url every first time,I get the error:

Invalid session or session Timeout.

Restart application

When I click Restart application, it work well.

the log file:

beautyman: 0000143C: 11:49:24 []:Server Inited.
beautyman: 0000143C: 11:49:24 [HttpExtensionProc]:EUniSessionException : Invalid session or session Timeout.


I get the error when open the browser first time, if I don't close the browser, reload the url, it work well. When I close the browser,and open the browser again,I get the error again.





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