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Problem with the frames


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Hi Ronny


When you say frames, you are talking about TUniFrame?


If so, this is the way I do it, and it work fine for me:


I Have a main form, in this form there is a UniPanel, then I have a procedure that I invoke to show my frames


For example on a Button click:





I have these variable in private:


    FFrameTag : Integer;
    FFrameName : string;
    FCurrentFrame : TUniFrame;



And the procedure:

procedure TMainForm.lanzarVentana(Sender: TObject);
  if FFrameTag = TComponent(Sender).Tag then Exit;

  FFrameTag := TComponent(Sender).Tag;

  if Assigned(FCurrentFrame) then begin
  FFrameOpcionName := '';

  case FFrameTag of
  0:  begin
        FCurrentFrame           := TUniFrameClass(FindClass('TfrEstudiantes')).Create(Self);
        FFrameName              := 'Estudiantes';

  if Assigned(FCurrentFrame) then begin
    FCurrentFrame.Align   := alClient;
    FCurrentFrame.Parent  := pnCentro;
  Caption           := FFrameName;
  lbTitulo.Caption  := FFrameName;

Also the Mega Demo use frames, you can see there.


I hope this help you.




Rafael Liriano

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