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the unidbgrid problem of v0.93.1000


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for the unidbgrid of v0.93.1000, I encounter two problems:

1.When I set one or more columns of unidbgrid's "locked" to true,then in browser,the unidbgrid


2.When I set some two columns to have a identical upper level title(two layers) ,the two always moved to the rightmost position.


 Anyone have any good ideas about these problems?


Thanks in advance!






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Hello wxb_km,


i don´t know if i understand everything right - but:



To set Visible / Unvisible  AND for the "Order" of the fields i use:

  for x:= 0 to uniMainModule.QueryXY.FieldCount-1 do


       if uniMainModule.QueryXY.Fields[x].FieldName ='ID_VERTRAG' then
          uniMainModule.QueryXY.Fields[x].DisplayWidth:= 4;
          uniMainModule.QueryXY.Fields[x].Index:=1;  // the Problem !!!



in this case i think: delphi starts Index with "1"  .. and uniGui with "0" .. or something .. 

to set the index right , i store the fields in a array and set the "index" after the " for x:= 0 to uniMainModule.QueryXY.FieldCount-1

.." loop - and it works



to show "icons" i use:


procedure TUniMainModule.QueryXY(Sender: TField;
  var Text: string; DisplayText: Boolean);
    text:='<img width=16 height=16 src="'+uniservermodule.FilesFolderURL+'/103-Person.png"/>';

to realise a wordwrap in uniGrid i use:

procedure TUniMainModule.ZVERTRAGVERTRAGSBEZEICHNUNGGetText(Sender: TField;
  var Text: string; DisplayText: Boolean);

    text:= '<p class="secwordwrap">' + sender.AsString + '</p>';

in Servermodule / Custom CSS i have:


.secwordwrap {
word-wrap: break-word;
white-space: pre-line;
padding: 2 5 2 5;}





For the manipulation of the title text i use:


Query - FieldEditor - add all fields ...

Select field - DisplayLabel 




i hope this will help a litte bit :-)



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