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  1. wangxuebin

    Are you more than 40 years old?

    I'm 52 years old.I have used Basic,C,Dbase,finally Delphi.Delphi is the greatest progamming tool!
  2. wangxuebin

    TMS Scripter

    hi,intersting! you can try FastScript in Unigui. FastScript has small footprints and is simple to use,by using it you can create unicomponents(like uniform,...) in script.
  3. hi,everyone: I want use overbyteICS MidWare as Application Server between Database and UNIGUI Web Server,I try as following: 1,put a TAppSrvClient and a TMWBuffer on UniMainModule; 2,put an unibutton on MainForm,in its click method,I wrote: UniMainModule.AppSrvClient1.Port:='2106'; UniMainModule.AppSrvClient1.Server:=''; UniMainModule.AppSrvClient1.FunctionCode:='unidacSQL'; UniMainModule.AppSrvClient1.Send; But this way can not work,showing error msg:Invalid arugment (#10022 in WSAAsyncSelect). However,if I put TAppSrvClient and a TMWBuffer on UniServerModule,it can works! But UniServerModule is global,I think I should not put overbyteICS MidWare components on it. Where is my fault? Anyone can help me? Thanks in advance!
  4. I somewhat worry about the situation of Turkey.She might turn to a way apart from democracy?
  5. hi ! friends in Turkey,take care of yourself!
  6. wangxuebin

    How to modify the combobox behind the icon

    Change the height of combo on run time
  7. it is convienient to input a Enter key to make a focus of unidbgrid moving from a cell to next cell as Tab key does.Delphi Developper has a solution,but it doesn't work in unigrids which have groupheaders(multi level column titles). Anyone has a better solution for this issue? thanks. Best Regards.
  8. wangxuebin

    Label.ClientEvents.ExtEvents not work

    ... name:=somename; ... a created tunicontrol must have a name. best regards.
  9. hello,I'm here it dos'nt work,I use : if (UniMainModule.FCurrentFrame TUniFrame1).UniCheckBox1.Checked then ShowMessage('true!'); But the Unigui reply: Invalid class typecast. what's the reason?
  10. wangxuebin

    how to drag and drop items of unitrees between two unitrees?

    Thank you,I will study it.
  11. How to drag and drop items of unitrees between two unitrees? Anyone can help me?thanks!
  12. wangxuebin

    monitor server for ISAPI Module

    like http://prime.fmsoft....demo/ucdemo.dll/server ?
  13. wangxuebin

    How to implement fading out and fading in of an uniimage?

    Thank you,delphi developer! You always are so kind and knowlegable!
  14. How to implement fading out and fading in of an uniimage?