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JavaScriptName .. i need a fix name or fix ID


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i try to use JQuery..


in Servermodule / CustomFiles i have:

and it loads ..  a testalert is shown successful !
Now i have 2 basic questions:
1.)  the html-element-ID of the unigui-created components are not fix ... if i change in delphi something, the id´s are changed ..
How can i find per javascript the "mainform.uniPanel1" ?  
How can i Find the "myUniFrame.unipanel1"  - the frame is loaded in "mainform.displaypanel"?
- the javascripts are on the same server in subfolder /scripts
2.) if i click on uniButton1 - i read different Integer-Values (from query.fieldbyname .. from different calculations..)
How can i send as example - 3 different Integer-Values to a javascript, located on the same webserver in the subfolder /scripts ?
Thank you for your help
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Hi Erich.


Let's say you have a function on the webserver: 

function test (testname) {
   alert (testname);
uses ... UniGUIApplication ...

1. UniButton1.JSName + '_id'

procedure TMainForm.UniButton1Click(Sender: TObject);
  UniSession.AddJS('test ('+'document.getElementById("'+ UniButton1.JSName +'_id").style.top);');

2. Сan also send values:

procedure TMainForm.UniButton1Click(Sender: TObject);
var i: Integer;
  i := 7;
  UniSession.AddJS('test ('+IntToStr(i)+');');

Best Regards...

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