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Screenmask - HowTo Question


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i have a uniPanel (called panel_display) on my Mainform...

if i click a Image, one of my different UniFrames will be displayed in "panel_display" ..i use "insertframe" like the MegaDemo..


  • Is where a way to use a screenmask on panel_display - while the UniFrame is loading?


i am searching something like:

Procedure TMainForm...OnClick(Sender:TObject);
   panel_display.masked = true or something else..
   panel_display.masked = false..

and how can i change the Screenmask optic and text ?



Thank you

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i aswer myselfe ;-)



to show or hide a Mask during loading a TuniFrame i use:


    if menuepunkt = 1 Then InsertFrame1('tframe_verwaltung',panel_display);


hope someonoe can use it ;-)


nice greetings from Salzburg Land

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