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Scrolling the scroll box.


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Hi Kanatshym.

To start such a decision. Maybe there are other solutions.
Try this:

Add the button to the form UniButton1.

procedure TMainForm.UniFormCreate (Sender: TObject);
  UniButton1.ClientEvents.Enabled := True;
  UniButton1.ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Values ​​['OnClick'] := 'function OnClick (sender, e) {MainForm.UniScrollBox1.body.dom.scrollTop = 100; MainForm.UniScrollBox1.body.dom.scrollLeft = 100;}';

procedure TMainForm.UniButton1Click (Sender: TObject);

Will Scroll the body down and right by 100 pixels.


tested in FF.


Best regards.

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But now another problem appeared to do simultaneous skrolining unidbrid and scroll box.


Hi Kanatshym.


Sorry if I misunderstood the question.


If you need scrolling to the grid can use the following code:


UniButton1.ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Values ​​['OnClick'] := 'function OnClick (sender, e) {MainForm.UniDBGrid1.scrollByDeltaX (10); MainForm.UniDBGrid1.scrollByDeltaY (10);}';

Best regards.

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Thanks for the quick reply.
Sorry if asked correctly (use google translate).
I'd like to do that would at the same time in parallel with scrolling unidbgrid uniscrollbox.

I want to create a project form.

image attached.



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Hi Kanatshym.


A solution using jquery:

1. You need to download file jquery. Paste the file to folder (.....\files\), connect jquery (ServerModule -> CustomFiles -> add files/jquery-1.3.2.min.js)

2. Add in the form UniHTMLFrame.

3. In the OnCreate form add the following code:

UniHTMLFrame1.HTML.Add ('<script>' +
                          '$(".x-grid-view").css("overflow-y", "hidden");' +
                          '$("#' + UniScrollBox1.JSName + '_id-body").scroll(function(){' +
                          '$(".x-grid-view").scrollTop($("#' + UniScrollBox1.JSName + '_id-body").scrollTop());})' +

Used only one UniDBGrid.







Sincerely ...

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