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  1. UniSession.AddJS('Ext.onReady(function () {' + Unipanel1.JSName + '.collapse()});'); UniSession.AddJS('Ext.onReady(function () {' + Unipanel1.JSName + '.expand()});');
  2. Properties Unipopupmenu.item[].default=true of not working.
  3. I need a real-time change title tab browser i write code procedure TMainForm.UniSpeedButton4Click(Sender: TObject); begin UniServerModule.Title:='New message'; end; not changed title tab browser. Thanks
  4. but on two different computers. later on I will try to throw a link to the server
  5. inside my application page this function works.
  6. create ISAPI dll module run to my IIS server. "Clipboard" It works fine. Farshad, please, in the next version UniGUI can add Properties of uniedit.seltext
  7. I checked it works web app not Properties of uniedit.seltext
  8. Uses CLIPBrd.... Select the text UniEdit and click the right mouse button and run context menu . procedure TMainForm.CommentEditMouseDown(Sender: TObject; Button: TMouseButton; Shift: TShiftState; X, Y: Integer); begin if Button=mbRight then UniPopupMenu1.Popup(828+X,Height+18+Y); end; When I want to copy the selected uniedit text. procedure TMainForm.N1Click(Sender: TObject); begin Clipboard.Clear; Clipboard.AsText:=CommentEdit.Text; end; After right-clicking the selection text disappears.
  9. Thanks, Row font color if UniDBGrid1.DataSource.DataSet.FieldByName('STATUS_ID').AsInteger=1 then begin Attribs.Font.Style:=[fsbold]; Attribs.Font.Color:=clred; end;
  10. How to change the row font color UniDbGrid? Thanks.
  11. Hello! How to display in high quality icons in the toolbar retina display Iphone. Load icons imagelist standard browser toolbar shows a well. When I open my iphone 5 retinа dislpay icons not shown.
  12. Please, can make a demo project. I can not do.
  13. Thanks, I already fixed, it took me a long time to find this error. I think Farhad fix in the next release.
  14. In my project there are duplicate rows, "VCL" everything works fine
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