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Simple TIP: Tools usage demo

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Very cool, 
In unigui beta version not work, so based on that, I made a small adjustment to function properly: 
In the Form ClientEvents.UniEvents 
Create a beforeInit event, the contents of this event should look like this:


function window.beforeInit(sender)
   Ext.apply (sender, {
          tools: [{ 
          type: 'pin',
          tooltip: 'tooltip of pin',
          handler: function(event, toolEl, panel){
               ajaxRequest(sender, 'tool', [ 'btn=pin' ] );
           type: 'refresh',
           tooltip: 'tooltip of refresh',
           handler: function(event, toolEl, panel){  
               ajaxRequest(sender, 'tool', [ 'btn=refresh' ] );
           type: 'search', 
           tooltip: 'tooltip of search',
           handler: function(event, toolEl, panel){
                ajaxRequest(sender, 'tool', [ 'btn=search' ] );
           type: 'save',
           tooltip: 'tooltip of save',
           handler: function(event, toolEl, panel){
               ajaxRequest(sender, 'tool', [ 'btn=save' ] );



And OnAjaxEvent event look like this:


procedure TMainForm.UniFormAjaxEvent(Sender: TComponent; EventName: string;
  Params: TStrings);
  if EventName='tool' then
    ShowMessage('Button '+Params.Values['btn']+' pressed');



I have helped those who had the same problem I had. Hugs!

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