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uniPanel childcomponents - OnMouseEnter / OnMouseLeave


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Hi ,

i user uniPanel - OnMouseEnter / OnMouseLeave Events to change color and size ..





procedure TMainForm.meinPanelsEnter(Sender: TObject);
(sender as Tunipanel).Color:=clgray;
(sender as Tunipanel).Height:=(100);



procedure TMainForm.meinPanelsLeave(Sender: TObject);
(sender as Tunipanel).Color:=clsilver;
(sender as Tunipanel).Height:=(52);



but if the panel has a lot of child-components (uniEdit,uniLabel ..) the "onMouseLeave" event wil be send (correctly) ..


How can i tell the unipanel not to change the color then i move the mouse over childcomponents of the panel ?


thank you




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sorry for my poor description ..

my issue:


i want to change the color of panels, if the mouse is over the panel or leaves the panel.

- but the panel flickers between the 2 colors if the mouse moves over the childcomponents of a panel..


as example:

i have 10 panels, on every panel are uniEdit uniLabel ect.. components ...

if i move the mouse over the screen, the panels are flickering 100 times or more becouse the onMouseleave Event is allways send, wenn the mouse is over a component .. 


i just want to "hover" the panel, if the mouse is in the panel rectangle - no matter which childcomponent of the unipanel




Thank you


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