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Error when type application url


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I was working with a project and suddenly this error appears when I type the url


Un error ha ocurrido en la aplicación

Access violation at address 00829D19 in module 'CeccEvalW.exe'. Read of address 00000068

Reiniciar la aplicación



I know this is too general and you need a simplied test case; but I want to know if this error has a comun source. The project was working really well and now I cant runnig it again.


The last thing I did, before the error,  was modified a fastreport. Searching for a solution I erased all fastreports components and code asocieted, but the error remains. I have compiled other projects and worked fine.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Those errors are a pain in the neck - same like adding forms/datamodules automatically to the .dpr file even if you explictly checked "no" in projects options.

Depending on the data-access components it is always a good advice to show a control-message if the superior connection is already opened on design-time mode (which can easily happen when working on different subsidiary Tables/Queries etc.)
To avoid this, I always do a simple check from start-up in my main TDataModule (which holds the Connection-Component) in the OnCreate event:

if <Connection>.Connected then
  ShowMessage("Connection open on Design-Time!");

Of course you can/might have to do the same with the "Active" setting of all the Tables and Queries - but if your DB-Interface uses a T<however>Connection Component, its initial "connected" setting counts!

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I found the solution. I had a table opened on desing time. The table has calc fields and some other fields use ongettext event. I still dont know exactly the problem, but closing the table in desing time solved the problem.


no need to close table at design time, this may solve the problem :

Put the code in the dataset beforeopen event :

procedure TMainForm.<table>BeforeOpen(DataSet: TDataSet);
    if  <dataset.Connection> = Nil then
       <dataset.Connection>:= <connection>;

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