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Appending record


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Hello there


It's a very old issue, but in version 0.93 still not resolved.

In a UniDBGrid, when TDataset.Append method is invoked, the record is inserted, not appended.

n Spain is habitual (in other countries seems may be not) enter the order or invoice detail in natural order,

like write this post: one line, then append other line, then append other line...

Current workaround is populate the grid with empty records, is very annoying. Other workaround

is unassign Datasource, append the record and then assign again the Datasource.

Please add a boolean property to UniDbGrid called "DoAppendLikeAppend" or similar to allow current or

new behaviour.




PD.And if you append another boolean property "AutomaticAppendRecordOnLastRowReached" to append records when the

last row is reached and downkey is pressed, would be fantastic!

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